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Get to Know Our Knowledge Base

Author: PropertyKey

Our knowledge base is the perfect place to find short how-tos on various iMapp features. As part of our effort to provide robust support to our users, we created video snippets for those that need minimal training or targeted assistance with certain aspects of our product. If you find yourself in need of quick guidance, these 1-3 minute videos might help! Below are some commonly known features take advantage of as they navigate through iMapp data.

How to Customize and Adjust Map Layers


Utilize the different map layer types and learn the basics of changing map layer settings in iMapp. Customize maps to include parcel maps, street maps, flood zone, aerial photos while indicating the subject property.

How to Customize iMapp Property Report Sections


Customize, add and remove report sections to an iMapp Property Tax Report.

How to Edit Your Prospecting Mailing List


Re-order and edit results that you do not want to include in your search results, downloads, or mailing labels. Learn how to identify MLS listing status in search results and how to use the "Results Not Sorted" drop down menu.

How to do a Detailed Owner and Entity Name look up


Use iMapp to skip trace real estate owners and weed out corporations and LLCs. Take into consideration how the individual's name will be filled out on the documents. Using different name variations also might help with this tool (i.e. Bill, Bob, William). 

How to Adjust Comparable Criteria


Adjust and customize the Comparables Report to find a good set of comps and show a projected sale price based on adjustable criteria. This quick overview shows you how to change lot size, review market value ratio, change living area, and adjust beds and baths in comps

More quick tips and videos are available in our  knowledge base here. For additional support, feel free to sign up for live video trainings or email our Support Team at



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