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iMapp Now Includes 2021 Preliminary Valuation for Florida

Author: PropertyKey

Now announcing for Florida...

PropertyKey has released our annual Preliminary Value updates for Florida. The property valuation and tax cycle in Florida culminate in the fall, but each summer, counties release an estimate of the property valuations they will use in the fall.  

These Preliminary Values are usually quite accurate and take into account much of the market changes of the previous year, as well as reassessments by county appraiser offices and newer construction projects. Real Estate professionals should have access to these values in order to make better estimates of future tax amounts, and better Comparables valuations and CMAs.

While annual changes are often fairly small, there can be larger jumps due to a variety of appraisal changes. The more accurate and timely the data presented, the better informed the real estate agent and consumer are. PropertyKey is proud to be one of the few property data suppliers who add this data every year. This affects all Property Reports throughout Florida as well as our popular Comparables Reports.


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