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iMapp Webinar Training Upgrade

Author: PropertyKey

PropertyKey has long offered free regular online webinars for training on how to use iMapp and utilize its advantages more completely. In the past few years, training throughout the industry has moved more and more to online options. It's gotten so that it's very difficult to even find an in-person training option.

In response to growing demand, PropertyKey has moved its interactive training sessions to GoToWebinar, with increased class sizes and added functionality. These classes discuss various topics in iMapp and are appropriate to everyone from beginners to the most experienced. It goes without saying that No One can train on iMapp better than the folks who built it!

You can sign up anytime for one or all of our three classes on our training calendar:



If you can't attend one of our live interactive training sessions, you can also watch recorded training sessions anytime on our Video Tutorial webpage. We look forward to showing you the benefits that iMapp can bring!



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