Counting down to the end with ARMLS

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As we enter what appears to be the final week of IMAPP as an MLS provided benefit, I’d like to thank you for the great comments that a lot of you have been leaving on our blog, messages calling into our support line, even going back to the NAR convention in New Orleans in November where we met several agents who overall had some great things to say to us.  Despite having to go out of your way to access IMAPP, many of you continue to rely on us on a day to day basis.  While our traffic has gone down some, we’re still putting out well over half of the page views we were before all of this started so clearly there’s significant interest out there in keeping the service alive.

If you read through the comments on our other blog postings, you’ll see that what a lot of people are saying is that they appreciate the speed, ease of use & accurate data we provide.  Maybe that’s something you’ve noticed yourself.  I’d say that it’s no surprise that people are saying these things because to me, those are the things we stand on.  We take pride in the time we spend ensuring that the data you see is the best possible and features such as the comps where we have a proprietary algorithm to ensure the highest quality sales get presented to you.  While an outsider might see two products, go through a checklist of features and conclude two products are the same, I’d say that we’re different in that we believe that the details matter, and I think that a lot of you have noticed just that.

We realize that as real estate professionals, part of your value proposition, part of what makes you stand out is the ability to provide accurate, detailed information to your clients.  We also realize that a majority of you are very busy people, and that your time is valuable.  When you consider the cost of IMAPP, roughly 2 cents a day per member, you realize it doesn’t take long to pay for itself.  Given the average income of a REALTOR, that translates to 2-3 minutes of your time over the course of the month.  Loading extra pages, tracking down errors, filtering out comps that shouldn’t be comps, it all takes time, it’s all costing you time and that’s costing you money.

In the end, the question is “Why will IMAPP no longer be available to ARMLS members?“.  The answer surely isn’t that iMapp is going out of business, and it’s surely not that IMAPP is not being made available to ARMLS.  ARMLS has an open offer to continue to provide IMAPP for the coming year under the previously agreed upon terms.  If you’re interested in more details, read through one of our previous blog post.  Given the months of consideration that went into the decision and the quick succession of the removal of Realist followed by iMapp, it’s pretty clear that ARMLS believes that you’re all best served by having Monsoon be your only option.  Whether that’s true for you (hello, appraisers…) and whether the short notice is in your best interests, I’ll leave it to you to decide.  If nothing else, I believe that it’s disrespectful to you and doesn’t value your time and productivity.  Going back to the math from above, what change costs you, just a one-hour training session costs more in your time than it would to pay for IMAPP for 3+ years.  And being something they’ve been planning for months, wouldn’t it make sense to give you months of notice to prepare, to get to a class, to learn Monsoon, etc.?

What does the future hold for IMAPP?  Right now, like I said, we have an open offer to ARMLS to continue to provide IMAPP under the terms previously agreed to.  You can contact them if you’d like.  To the best of our knowledge, ARMLS has shown no indication that they’re interested in listening or reconsidering their decision.  We are currently working out the necessary details so we can offer the service as individual subscriptions although we do not have anything set in stone at this time.  Please sign up to our email list to be kept up to date as we firm up our plans.

One thought on “Counting down to the end with ARMLS
  1. Carmelle Bernier

    IMAAP is a great product why getting rid of it. I wonder between the Monsoon Executives and ARMLS Executives what was in the golden spoon that they fed to each other. Here we are one more time being forced to a mediocre product after we VOICED that we, the Real Estate Agents, don’t and DIDN’T want Monsoon. We are the ones paying the fees but the “Executives” think that they know better than us what we need. Why do we now have in this Country the “Elites” telling us what we need and want. ARMLS truly makes me sick.

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