ARMLS Members: Restoring IMAPP Access

We’ve been getting questions from ARMLS members about how to continue to access IMAPP from FlexMLS.  For the remainder of the month, IMAPP will continue to be a option within FlexMLS but you do have to go into your FlexMLS settings and update your default tax provider to “iMapp”:


As we discussed in our previous blog post, we have a standing offer to continue to supply IMAPP to the ARMLS members and ARMLS has chosen to make Monsoon the only option for you as a tax service. There were a lot of comments on that post & we tried to respond to the biggest question people seem to have. If you have any other questions, please ask, we’ll be happy to give you our perspective on what’s going on.

As always, remember your MLS & Association leaders are supposed to be working for you, to help you succeed, in part by supplying the products and services that best serve your needs. Let them know that you value having a choice in tax products. Here is a list of links with a list of people you can contact:

Several member have mentioned that they have been directed to speak with Hank Grabowski.  His email address is and phone number is 480-303-7235.  If you are disappointed with the decision, we would appreciate it if you let them know.

Finally, if you would like to receive updates from us, please click here to sign up for our ARMLS Information email list.  We will be using this list to distribute more information as is becomes available.

27 thoughts on “ARMLS Members: Restoring IMAPP Access
  1. Jeff Hoffmann

    If you ever thought you’re one of the lone hold-outs still using IMAPP, well, you’re not.
    When the default switched from IMAPP to Monsoon, we saw a drop of about 35% to overall usage. I don’t know what portion of the 35% is people who preferred Monsoon, how many wouldn’t know one product from the other or how many wouldn’t care either way. What I can tell you is that the other 65% were people who went out of their way to say they want to continue to use IMAPP. That’s been pretty constant since the day the default switched.

    There’s quite a few of you out there. I’d think certainly enough where having a second choice (or reconsidering your first choice) would seem to make sense if you can’t get a clear majority who want to use the first choice, especially at the prices we’re talking.

  2. Bob Nye

    When you have an issue like this that affect so many of us in the business with the majority of the membership (Approx. 33,000 members) and the overall consensus is we all want iMapp to stay, you have to start looking at who is making these decisions on our behalf and how do we get to these individuals to voice our opinions and concerns. Ultimately it would be up to the membership to change this by investigating how we “adjust” the individuals who comprise the powers to be at ARMLS. I was on their site today and I found this information.

    “ARMLS is owned by five Shareholder Associations: Phoenix Association of REALTORS® (PAR), Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® (SAAR), SouthEast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS® (SEVRAR), West Maricopa Association of REALTORS® (WeMAR) and the Western Pinal Association of REALTORS® (WPAR). ARMLS is governed by a Board of Directors composed of members from each Shareholder Association, as well as elected representatives from our Brokers and Subscribers.”

    I don’t know all the by-laws for the governing Board but there should be information on what the membership can do as a whole to demand a full membership vote or special meeting to address these concerns directly to the Board and demand in the meeting an explanation from the Board of Directors on why the few of them are making the decision to move to another system which nobody cares for from the working membership. As one of the posts stated, “most of these people are not in the business everyday and are making decisions that affect all of us that are doing the business everyday.” We need to retain the system we all prefer and have used for many years now. I am sure if there was a slight increase in the yearly dues to retain iMapp most all realtors would support the increase to keep iMapp.

    Monsoon is a joke and does not have near the ability iMapp possesses to perform out jobs.

    Just a thought!!

    Bob Nye, Agent

    • Rosemarie Barton

      Well said, Bob. I will do what I can to have my voice heard. IMAPP is a great tool, and I do NOT want to lose it to an inferior, time consuming system. Our jobs are hard enough, getting good data is critical to our success and ARMLS needs to listen to us. Thank you.

  3. Jeff Hoffmann

    I just updated the contact links for the ARMLS web site. This is the second time I’ve had to change them in the last few weeks. It’s funny the lengths they’ll go to to not hear from their members.

  4. Ken

    If anyone from IMAPP is out there all I ask is that a string of tax reports can be printed in the order they are enter so they match the MLS printouts as I enter them….one page at a time is to slow; sign me up $24.99 a month sounds fair to me….how ’bout you

  5. Ken

    It is obvious that Monsoon will be our only option through MLS and my hope is that Imapp will be available for individual use, yet another expense but very necessary. I think our next step is to tell all of our friends and associates that are appraiser, agent, etc. across the country of the poor business practices of this company. If the intent is for MONSOON to go national we need to let everyone we know in the industry across the country of their very poor business practices/what they are doing here in the Phoenix Market. THIS IS NOT HOW BUSINESS IS DONE IN THE USA….Lets cut them off at the knees.

  6. Darrin Wilkins

    Please KEEP imapp! It is the BEST!! I rely on it daily, Mosoon does not is an inferior product in my opinion. Please let us still have a choice. Thank you.

  7. Ray Rudick

    IMAPP is the preferred tax information source with RE Agents that I have spoken with! Please keep IMAPP as THE preferred option.

  8. Ted Dudine

    IMapp is easy and gets me what is needed for clients. I never took a class and understood iMapp, immediately. I have taken a Monsoon class and it still is not as effective…..kinda like when we changed SUPRA lock box access unit.s….the old ones were superior….Hmmm…if it costs $10 more a year, I’d pay it…if I have iMapp Monsoon is not needed. I do this for a living and don’t need to figure out changes at $$250-300/hr. which is the value of my time.

  9. Teri

    Why as realtor’s are we paying for a service WE have no input? Supply and demand isn’t that are business? I find monsoon has to many steps to get the same info you can get with one click on IMapp…are you trying to make are job even more stressful…as though the market hasn’t already? Help Us…didn’t we just say last year what our preference was? Anyone listening?

  10. Jason Maze

    As an appraiser I have been using iMapp for many years and havbe found it to be the best source for up to date information on a property. I have tried to use the Monsoon system and have found data not accurate, Such as Townships, Sections, and ranges, lot dimensions are not even present, or previous sales missing all together or just plain not user friendly to use.DO NOT take IMAPP away. I use it daily, and am very dependent upon its accurate information and data to verify and complete due diligence.

    Jason Maze

  11. Rosanne Oft

    PLEASE do not take IMAPP away. Use it regularly and thoroughly dislike the Monsoon system.

    Rosanne Oft

  12. Bob Lankes

    Monsoon is antiquated before is starts! Imapp is a superior system :) I spoke with imapp this morning they are not going out of business as ARMLS sent out to all agents Via email. The fact is ARMLS has a contract with imapp until 2016 and is breaking it early and may be sued . All agent must get together and force our board to keep imapp as an option if not lets vote in a new board! I am sick in tired of the hairbrained ideas ARMLS comes up with none of them are user friendly and and take 2 x the time and effort to get 1/2 the information imapp provides in a matter of seconds. Why is ARMLS trying to reinvent the wheel ?

  13. Doug Andesen

    I cannot believe they are taking away this valuable tool. It has everything I need in a service. I haven’t heard why this is being done. This is something the Obama administration would do as well, destroying something that actually works. Why can’t they just simply leave well enough alone? I just went on the Monsoon site and discovered I will have to work so much harder to get the information I need. What a disaster! Shame on ARMLS.

  14. Carrie

    PLEASE KEEP IMAPP! IMAPP IS SO EASY TO WORK WITH. It takes too much time to sift through the info on Monsoon that I can have from IMAPP in a matter of seconds. This same thing happened last year when you took it away as well and then brought it back. BRING I MAPP BACK!

  15. Maria Perez

    IMAPP is a great product,its easy, simple and provides a lot of information. Keep IMAPP!!!

  16. Mary Palos

    I, too, love IMAPP! It is easy and not as complicated! Simple but filled with a lot of information we agents desire. When I went to the training last month, I asked the instructor why are they taking IMAPP away? The response: IMAPP did not want to renew their contract. Well, after reading this, that was further from the truth. Monsoon is just way too much! Bring IMAPP back and let us agents decide which ones we desire to use. We have this right. Thank you.

  17. Janet

    I used the aerial with lots outlined daily. Monsoon doesn’t have that. I don’t see anything else monsoon has to make think it is worth the change. The school information is not correct in my area. I cannot click on the neighboring properties to get a price or name of owner or what they paid for. Monsoon has nothing. It’s dime store information compared to IMAPP. IMAPP was taken away from once before and we begged to get it back. Who is making the decision to take it away and for what reason?

  18. Beverly Maynard

    I would like nothing more than to have Imapp continued as a valuable tool in our industry. Convenient and fast, and most realtors I am associated with are most unhappy to have it taken away! What next????

  19. Miritssa Casa

    ARMLS has misinformed the membership about IMAPP the owe a correction to the communications IMAPP is ceasing operations unexpectedly.

    This evening I have sent the following message to two of the senior members of IMAPP. The message reads as follows:
    I am a bit upset when we are told IMAPP is ceasing operations; when that is far from the truth. The MLS subscribers need to have a choice whether we want to use Monsoon which has a long way to go or IMAPP; or better both.

    I have no problem in paying a bit more and have both products. I love IMAPP as I can get information quickly without having to search as the case with Monsoon.

    Please retain IMAPP. I think you should survey and have the membership vote. But please tell them the truth as I now know that IMAPP is not ceasing operations. It’s ARMLS who arbitrarily decided to terminate their services. I am sure those agents handling large volumes will prefer to have both systems rather just Monsoon.

    Thank you for listening to my concerns.


    Miritssa (Milly) Casas

  20. John Law

    Monsoon is costing me nothing but time. No comparison to IMAPP. Keep IMAPP

  21. Joel Scheller

    Obama is not the only narcissistic dope cramming stuff down our throats. “If you like your tax service you can keep it”… familiar?
    Should be entering a listing right now during the busiest time of the year, instead wasting my time fighting a substandard tax service…KEEP IMAPP!!!


    drop IMAPP before the end of the agreed upon contract end date of Feb. 2016. I have read the MANY
    comments objecting to this action, and I FULLY AGREE! WE SHOULD HAVE A VOICE IN DECISIONS
    THAT EFFECT OUR BUSINESS. Let’s all keep supporting this issue so we can KEEP IMAPP.!!!

  23. Kim Durell

    Please Keep Imapps

    I am a Certified Appraiser and a Licensed Realtor.
    I use IMapps everyday, for every Comparable I search and every home I Appraise its is essential tool helping me to do my work quickly and efficiently.
    I do not like or use Monsoon.
    Please KEEP IMAPPS.

    Kim Durell

  24. richard litton

    I am distressed to lose such a valuable tool that is easy to search and use. I have tried Monsoon. Like the name, I feel flooded with a system that is difficult at best and a waste of valuable time that I need to survive this market. I have spoken to several people at the board office with different reasons for the change. I do not feel that as agent and appraisers we are being properly represented by the board. The board should follow its own code of ethics and treat us with respect and dignity and honesty.
    Richard Litton, appraiser

  25. Gary

    I love using Imapp I would think that this is monitored some how and it would how widley used it is and many times Imapp is opened versus the other tax source. Please reconsider. I many appraisers who use Imapp, and find it very user friendly and it down loads extremly well. I use the plat map provided which is a requirement for the appraisal report. Moonsoon does not provide this. I just tried to use it and could not get all the information needed??? If this is about cost I feel we pay plenty to have choices as we do now. Been using Imapp for 15 yrs now. Let’s keep it

  26. Kay Thompson

    IMAPP is my preferred tax system. It is a great, simple product. We should have the choice of both if the contract with IMAPP has not expired. Monsoon is time-consuming and inadequate. Help! ARMLS don’t take our tools away from us.

    Kay Thompson
    agent for 28 years

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