Monsoon: a bigger storm on the horizon?

Given the number of people still contacting us about Monsoon and their confusion as to it’s place as a part of ARMLS, we’d like to share some news about ARMLS’s future plans for Monsoon. We have learned from multiple sources in the industry that ARMLS has secured a national data partnership and is working on marketing to try to turn Monsoon’s focus from being an Arizona product to one that is available to REALTORS across the country. Based on this information, ARMLS appears to be investing in Monsoon to compete with IMAPP and other similar products nationwide.

As you know, ARMLS has spent a lot of time spreading misinformation about IMAPP to you. Every few days there’s a new story out of ARMLS about why they can no longer provide IMAPP to its members.  Not only does this expansion plan answer the real reason behind the decision and reveal the months of planning that went into making it, their attitude towards ARMLS members becomes even more troubling. ARMLS members are now being forced into the role of guinea pigs for a product that ARMLS wants to sell to others. This isn’t just giving members an option to try or test an unproven product, ARMLS has used this agenda of theirs to make sure it is the only option.  Think of it this way: If ARMLS wants to sell Monsoon to others, they can’t be expected to offer any other product to their members, even one that works better for its members. If they are committed to marketing the Monsoon product, they are going to stick you with it regardless of whether it’s the best tool for you or not… Anything else would look terrible when they try to sell Monsoon to others. If this is in fact true, it would appear that ARMLS cares more about selling Monsoon to others than giving you the best tools to do your job!

We have been told that an ARMLS board member recently spoke to a large group of agents and told them that he thought that no amount of calls or complaints would sway the Board of Directors decision. To us, that sounds more like a dictatorship than a board charged with watching out for their member’s best interests. Monsoon seems to be by REALTORS, for REALTORS, whether the REALTORS like it or not!

If you don’t like what ARMLS is doing, you should let them know. Let them know that their job is to work for you, not chasing after the other million REALTORS across the country.

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Who To Contact

We understand that you can express your frustration to Hank Grabowski at and 480-303-7235. You can find more people to contact on the following web pages:

2 thoughts on “Monsoon: a bigger storm on the horizon?
  1. Jeff Hoffmann

    I just updated the contact links for the ARMLS web site. This is the second time I’ve had to change them in the last few weeks. It’s funny the lengths they’ll go to to not hear from their members.

  2. Maricopa & Pinal Appraiser

    By REALTORS for REALTORS… Seems that the decision makers at ARMLS never considered that nearly every appraiser and nearly every appraisal completed in Maricopa and Pinal Counties relies on iMapp for quick, accurate, 1 page data.

    Being forced to use Monsoon significantly adds time to the research and verification of every subject and comparable property considered in the appraisal process. Thanks ARMLS for adding more time consuming steps into the already extended time it now takes to complete an accurate appraisal.

    The last time something like this happened iMapp set up a separate login outside of ARMLS that allowed us to still access iMapp data but, as addressed before, unfortunately this does not appear to be an option this time around.

    Add this appraiser to the long list of very unsatisfied ARMLS monopoly customers.

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