ARMLS Officially Drops IMAPP

After several months of dragging this decision out, ARMLS has just informed us that they do not wish to continue to provide IMAPP to its members.  As you are probably aware, there was an agreement in place to provide IMAPP to the ARMLS membership through the end of February of 2016.  We at PropertyKey are very much willing and able to continue to provide the same product under the same terms of the original contract.  Our position is that this product has been promised to members and budgeted as a portion of your dues through February 2016, and as such we want to do everything in our power to live up to the spirit of that contract.  We think that it’s unfortunate that the ARMLS leadership does not feel the same way.
We would very much like to continue to offer our product in Arizona and we are currently investigating a variety of alternatives that would allow us to continue to provide that to your market.  Quality data is expensive and offering data-intensive services like ours requires a significant investment.  Thanks to factors such as the size of the combined membership, we are able to provide our service to ARMLS at an average cost of a few cents per day per member.  While it may not sound like much, it is enough to ensure that not only can we continue to offer IMAPP but also invest in improving the product for the long term.  As noted in a recent WAV Group whitepaper:
a technology solution that may cost an individual $20 to $40 per month will be priced around $.50 to $2 per user per month for an MLS or large brokerage firm
We continue to believe that site licenses provide the best option for products like ours and we’re continuing to pursue options that hopefully will allow us to continue to offer IMAPP at the best possible price to at least a portion of the current users.
As always, remember your MLS & Association leaders are supposed to be working for you, to help you succeed, in part by supplying the products and services that best serve your needs.  Let them know that you value having a choice in tax products.  Or if nothing else, ask them if you’re going to get a refund on your dues that were budgeted for IMAPP, or if that amount is being funneled into another product or if it’s just disappearing into that dues black hole.  Here are some links you might find useful:
For More Information…
If you would to stay informed about the status of IMAPP in Arizona now and into the future, we have established an email list to distribute future updates.
We hope to be able to answer any questions and fill you in on the missing details over the coming days and weeks.
Thank you for your continued support for IMAPP.
We’re an optimistic bunch here at PropertyKey and we hope that we can maintain a presence in the Phoenix area for the months and years to come.
217 thoughts on “ARMLS Officially Drops IMAPP
  1. Rebecca Garcia

    I emailed Hank who doesn’t care and told me that I’ll get used to Monsoon and they will fix all the bugs without addressing any of my concerns for adding hours of work to my day and not being able to access or print the info I need in a concise manner at all. No matter how many times we call or how many people over there we complain to we are now at March 3. 3 days without access to IMAPP and not a word from them about it. I can’t believe we have to keep paying dues for this horrible service with their own agenda that does not include our best interest. Has anyone heard any new info about IMAPP being restored?

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      Hi Rebecca,

      We just sent out an email to those who signed up to our list. If you signed up but haven’t gotten it yet, you should be seeing it shortly.

      The short answer is that we’re still working on assembling some of the data and because it feels incomplete we don’t want to ask for money from anyone until we’re happy with what we have to offer. On the other hand, we realize that a lot of you have work to do and would prefer to use IMAPP. Because of this, we’re giving out free access to at least the tax data for the rest of the month. That should give us plenty of time to finalize everything we need to do to get back to 100%. You can sign up for this temporary access at

      • Rebecca Garcia

        Thanks Jeff for all your info and for all the hard work to keep IMAPP for us;)

  2. melanie avila

    I do not understand why ARMLS wants to change a GREAT thing!!!!! Have realtors been complaining about IMAPP??? Everything is at our fingertips with 1 click of a button from a listing to tax records that is very organized and condensed in IMAPP. Monsoon we have to search for links to click on to get the same information we had already in front of us on IMAPP. Pleeeeease reconsider and think of the majority of realtors and the appraisers that are happy with IMAPP for many years.

  3. Marianna Barnes

    Please keep Imapp.

  4. Christine Farrar

    Jeff, Do you see any obstacles in creating a larger group of both agents and appraisers?

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      The way we went into this is thinking that there’d be “sponsoring organizations” (for lack of a better word) such a brokers, appraiser groups, etc. and you’d have to be a member of that sponsor to be part of that group. I know it’s a little frustrating but we’re trying to work through all our options before committing to a specific plan.

  5. Appraiser

    Received the final notice from ARMLS today that imapp the will no longer be available after tomorrow. I there any news that it might be extended or retained?

  6. Joel Scheller

    As Realtors, it’s our nature to consult, strategize & ponder our future “chess moves” during our negotiations with our clients. I suppose dealing with ARMLS could be much the same. Let’s suppose an unnamed large brokerage firm (there are many) with thousands & thousands of agents here in the valley decided to strike an exclusive deal with Imapp to provide a superior tool to its agents. Now let’s suppose they used that tool to recruit agents looking for a ‘proprietary’ user friendly established tax system that actually works. It would be ashamed & easy to imagine disruption caused to the many brokerages that lose 100′s, possibly thousands of agents to an established agency willing to shake hands with Imapp behind the scenes…As in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’…”Are we clear?, CRYSTAL!”

    It would be utter pandemonium…The press would surely be interested, the NAR would certainly want to contain this for future implications around the country. ARMLS would surely want to , “nip this in the bud”.The large brokerages here in AZ it seems, surely would have come up with this idea by now? IMapp surely must have consulted with one of the many large brokerages by now?
    Heck, Imapp might have even considered doing this just for the “principal of the matter”…
    Our user agreement is up at the end of the month…HELP! I do not want to lose IMapp!
    There are two sides to this story…WHERE IS THE TRUTH!!!

    BTW, The appraisers have enough of a tough time establishing values,deciphering & disseminating information for their valuations. Think of the HAVOC that would be caused in their realm…

    • Jeff Hoffmann


      You’re not wrong about anything you said. We’ve had talks with brokers and appraisers. Part of the problem is that by our nature we don’t really want to play favorites or give exclusives unless we’re forced into it. That’s the beauty of the MLS contracts we do — there’s enough scale to keep the price to the agents low (in the case of ARMLS, as part of your dues it works out to about 2 cents a day) while giving us the room to make money without cutting corners on things like data quality. Quality data is an expensive recurring cost — anybody can license data from a national provider cheaply but you get what you pay for. A broker with 10% of the agents that wanted an exclusive would cost 10x as much per agent to deliver the same product because of those fixed data costs. While it’s certainly possible, it’s less appealing, and if you get down to a few hundred, it starts getting pretty expensive.

      All that being said, we think that Phoenix is a great market to be in long term, not just for IMAPP in the short term, but for new products and services as we develop them in the future. An MLS contract for the coming year would be a no-brainer, we’d welcome that, it just doesn’t look to be in the cards. Our plan is to be around for a while, it’s just a matter of picking the right strategy to make that happen.

      • Joel Scheller

        Doomsday is tomorrow…it’s not going to be pretty.
        I haven’t kept track of the number of licensed agents in AZ these days, but I’d bet that 99.9% of the agents would continue to use your system as their default. Perhaps a strategy is to post an online petition. If its your plan to be around for awhile 99.9%+ would undoubtedly be on board. An ARMLS contract is a no-brainer.
        It’s my belief that there hasn’t been transparency & furthermore the conflict of interest conversation has been muffled which has me befuddled. How can this happen? (It’s a Rhetorical Question…those who know the ARMLS smoke & mirrors version can answer this…
        I’m no computer wiz..far from it, but what I can assume is that you have the data that supports the amount of folks who were using Imapp as their default before we had Monsoon shoved up our…
        If you can post the data we’d all love to know. ARMLS knows & we know they won’t post it…it’s the reason we were hijacked, they want the revenue…
        If ARMLS thinks this Monsoon System will gain traction and sell around the country, let’s talk about some awesome swamp land I have for sale in Florida…

        • Jeff Hoffmann

          I don’t have hard facts to give you about absolute number of users over the last couple of weeks but I can tell you this. When the default switched from IMAPP to Monsoon, we saw a drop of about 35% to overall usage. I don’t know what portion of the 35% is people who preferred Monsoon, how many wouldn’t know one product from the other or how many wouldn’t care either way. What I can tell you is that the other 65% were people who went out of their way to say they want to continue to us IMAPP. That’s been pretty constant since the day the default switched.

          While that’s far from the 99% you’re imagining, it’s still a pretty sizable chunk of people. Certainly enough where having a second choice would seem to make sense if you can’t get a clear majority who want to use the first choice, especially at the prices we’re talking. Even though the number of continued IMAPP users sounds like a big number, in the big scheme of things it only matters if there are people interested in listening. I can’t tell you the number of agents that have called us to say that they were told directly that it does not matter how much people complain, the decision won’t change.

          • Joel Scheller

            Thanks for your response & the visual aide.
            In an election 65% is a landslide.
            99% feels accurate based on I’ve yet to speak or hear from anyone who likes Monsoon. Better yet anyone who hasn’t despised it.
            My guess is that the only people using Monsoon are agents that have a licence but don’t do business, followers who don’t know better or the staff teaching the Monsoon classes…they’re getting paid to use it. I went to one of the classes a couple of weeks ago figuring that the change was inevitable & left feeling like…I could do this. That lasted one or two sessions of opening up Monsoon. If our choice is removed than Monsoon season just arrived. I guess we can all agree… Monsoons blow

    • Miritssa (Milly) Casas

      What do we need to do to start an online petition. Who can we contact to get the agent’s mailing list. We need to organize to stop this bureaucratic decisions. I am willing to help.

      Contact me and let’s get IMAPP back.

      • Noily Ehlenberger

        We’re so busy right now in this industry. I am of the 65% who intentionally switched my default back to IMAPP when ARMLS switched it to Monsoon. I am not afraid of learning a new system, and embrace new technology all the time. I know how to use Monsoon: I JUST DON’T LIKE IT!! It is a poor system that slows me down – especially when using a tablet or smart phone to try to quickly access information. I have voiced my opinion; but ARMLS doesn’t seem to care.

    • Michael Spencer

      As an appraiser the Monsoon system which is not the best for us, that system does not provide the type of financing on the sales data, here goes more time to research, when Imapp is logical. To bad the Brokers are not screaming at Armls, thanks Armls for asking us what we want and need.

  7. Jeff Hoffmann

    I just updated the contact links for the ARMLS web site. This is the second time I’ve had to change them in the last few weeks. It’s funny the lengths they’ll go to to not hear from their members.

    • Christine Farrar

      Jeff, I just called ARMLS and they are claiming iMapp sent them an early cancellation notice of the agreement. Hank R. is going to return my call later today, Can you please give me the truth and any ammunition to refute this cancellation claim? If this were true, why can’t iMapp just rescind the early cancellation? Thank you!

      • Jeff Hoffmann

        First of all, I am not a lawyer so I do not know all of the specific legalities in the various jurisdictions involved in this case. As we’ve alluded to in other locations, we never intended to walk away from the existing contract. Over the first year of the contract, various portions of the IMAPP contract were being handled by iMapp, CRS Data and PropertyKey. Around August, PropertyKey became solely responsible for the day to day operation of the service. Because of this reality, we went to ARMLS (and other IMAPP contract holders around the country) to update the contracts to reflect this — even though we are solely responsible for the operation, we were not named on the contract. In order to do this, ARMLS requested a cancellation of the existing contract before signing a replacement contract. We complied with the request for cancellation. At this point it appears that ARMLS had no interest in signing a replacement contract under the same or similar terms.

      • Joel Scheller

        Hello Christine,
        Any luck with that return call? If we have to use Monsoon on Saturday no ifs &’s, or buts, the collective blood pressure through the region will be seismic…
        The thought sickens the mind…

        • Christine Farrar

          Nope. No return call. I am forwarding an email I received this morning from the appraiser organization (AARE) to my brokers at HomeSmart. The email discusses keeping iMapp for us appraisers, as a group. I am going to ask HomeSmart to consider forwarding the email to all the agents and see what kind of interest there is (I am guessing very high) in doing just what you suggest – have HomeSmart develop a deal to keep iMapp which will please their current agents – and then recruit their brains out with it too.

          • Jeff Hoffmann

            Although I don’t have the email so I can’t confirm the exact details, we have been talking to appraisers about a group deal and we feel pretty good about the chances of that going through assuming we can confirm the interest level that everyone believes is there.

  8. Francy Jeffers

    How about a mass protest at ARMLS? Emails aren’t really heard, actions are, anyone with me?

    • Miritssa (Milly) Casas

      Let’s organize as this is a bunch of XXXX. These people sitting in Tempe has never sold a piece of real estate. Their attitude is Our Way or the Freeway is totally unacceptable as we are the ones paying for the services.

      What do we need to do as I am willing to help. Thank you

  9. Francy Jeffers

    ARMLS is turning into a crappy “service” It was superior to many MLS systems, but this little arm twisting debacle has got to stop. HEY ARMLS ARE YOU LISTENING???? You are NOT making your customers happy.

  10. Joel Scheller

    Here’s an idea…Would you like to stop pulling your hair out for the next couple of days?
    Than go to preferences in your MLS toolbar. Drop down & select general preferences. Set your default on the Tax Record provider to Imapp. IMPORTANT-Select save. Now, enjoy the user friendly Imapp tax service for the next few days because after that you’re screwed & wishing you hadn’t buried your head in the sand. What do we do? I was on the NE Mesa Luxury Home Tour bus with approx a dozen of my peers last week & when I asked the rest of them about what they thought about Imapp going away, every last one of them bought the BS about Imapp going out of business… Imapp…you have our contact info. Please send the truth out to the Realtors & Appraisers that depend on your service. If we really have to use this substandard Monsoon crap, we’re screwed! Pardon the unprofessional semi-profanity laced mini tirade, but personally, I can’t imagine anyone feeling any differently? HELP!!! … 3 on your side? NAR? Who’s going to help???

    • Christine Farrar

      You’re right on Joel..way of the world right now. It’s easy to get what you want using misinformation and BS. Like I said before – the Brokers need to speak up for us. The ARMLS reps are not listening to the agents/appraisers and/or have an agenda that doesn’t include iMapp. I thought about contacting Catherine Reagor at AZ Republic but to outsiders it’s not much of a story. CF

    • Miritssa (Milly) Casas

      Let’s elevate to NAR with a formal complaint. These Tempe bureaucrats are ruining our business!!!

  11. Nick Mowery

    I prefer Imapp over Monsoon any day. Imapp is so much easier to read and offers so much more. Why would ARMLS want to use such an inferior product.

  12. Jim Conway, Broker

    I like imapp, I believe it is so much easier to use. To the powers that be please do not discontinue making imapp available to us that enjoy it’s convenience..

    Jim Conway, Broker
    The People’s Choice Realty

  13. Peter Esposito

    If anyone knows any brokers who are offering IMAPP to their agents….please let me know. I do a ton of BPOs and trying to use Monsoon for that is a joke. I am not a big fan of having things rammed down my throat..what ARMLS did reminds me of a certain Health Care law….oh wait….nevermind………

  14. Christine Farrar

    IMapp is a superior product to Monsoon. There is no comparison with regard to ease of use, printing, data integrity, linking to aerials, plat maps, etc. How and why is ARMLS making such a sudden and drastic decision without consulting and polling it’s members first (rhetorical perhaps?)? I am an agent with HomeSmart as well as a Certified Appraiser and I NEED iMapp! We need some Brokers to get organized and get in the face of the ARMLS peeps and stop them from shutting down iMapp. PLEASE! Brokers…they are ignoring us little guys, please get involved. And please hurry! Thank you!

  15. Maricopa & Pinal Appraiser

    By REALTORS for REALTORS… Seems that the decision makers at ARMLS never considered that nearly every appraiser and nearly every appraisal completed in Maricopa and Pinal Counties relies on iMapp for quick, accurate, 1 page data.

    Being forced to use Monsoon significantly adds time to the research and verification of every subject and comparable property considered in the appraisal process. Thanks ARMLS for adding more time consuming steps into the already extended time it now takes to complete an accurate appraisal.

    The last time something like this happened iMapp set up a separate login outside of ARMLS that allowed us to still access iMapp data but, as addressed before, unfortunately this does not appear to be an option this time around.

    Add this appraiser to the long list of very unsatisfied ARMLS monopoly customers.

  16. appraiser

    As if this market and our jobs as appraisers aren’t difficult enough ………the ARMLS is making it IMPOSSIBLE !!! KEEP IMAPP !!!

  17. Appraiser

    IMAPP, please help us find a way to keep using your system. Monsoon is intolerable!.

    It would be nice to know who at ARMLS made the decision to cause everyone a LOT of pain and suffering for nothing..

    If anyone out there has the time and or the knowledge to set up an online petition, it may be worth doing. If anyone knows how to reach the media that may help?

    • Robert Drummer

      I’ve spent the day talking to Associations and brokers about options for keeping iMapp in place. It’s as if most of them are operating under some kind of Omertà.

      If you want to keep iMapp, we’ll need a local champion willing to put the agents first.

      Of the agents I met with/talked to today, 100% said they would change associations/brokers to one that provided iMapp.

      All options are on the table and we are willing to work way outside the box to keep the service in place.

      I’ve found a few brokers that are willing to take some risks so we’ll see how this plays out. If brokers start losing agents because of this decision the discussions will take a very different turn.


  18. John

    Like Obama Care, we are being forced to use an inferior product called Monsoon,

  19. ABELardo O. Zubia

    I have been using Imapp for many years and I think we should keep it, I tried using monsoon and don’t like it,It’s not as use friendly and slow. I prefer Imapp. We need to have a say on which system works best for us. Imapp is what we want, it’s professional and user friendly, give it back to us, make our work easier.

  20. Joel Scheller

    Where’s my shovel, if/when this implements next week it’ll be more profitable digging ditches than wasting my valuable time using this substandard MONSOON B.S! Speaking of shovels, the $#!+ ARMLS is shoveling at us is getting deeper & next week it’ll hit the fan…KEEP IMAPP!!!
    The reality is f-bombs more likely describe my feelings towards this inferior product every time I’ve attempted to use it. Until the minute we don’t have Imapp, I’m using Imapp…KEEP IMAPP!!!

  21. Gman

    Monsoon is garbage. It’s slow and take much longer to just print. iMapps, just hit one button and print. With Monsoon, I have to launch Monsoon, hit three more print features and finallyget a copy. If you just hit the print button on top of Monsoon, you’ll only get 2/3 of a page printed… If iMapps had a contract thru 2016, that means I paid for iMapps this year, all year, and iMapps should be available to us thru 2015…

  22. Bill

    CALL ARMLS AND DEMAND THEY KEEP IMAPP!!! CALL EVERY DAY EVERYONE! Please excuse all caps, but you know how I feel…

  23. Andrew Engel

    The monsoon product simply does not work well. I entered 4 APN numbers and got 8 properties back because it pulled from both Maricopa and Pineal counties. Why? According to Monsoon customer support, that is a bug, and is likely going to be “looked At”. So a week later I am still waiting. Must need a lot of looking.

    Also According to Monsoon Customer support there is a monthly limit to how many tax records any individual subscriber can pull down. Who set that limit? More importantly, why is that needed?!?

    IMAPP has no restriction on data use, why does Monsoon.

    Here we are mandated subscribers being forced to take an inferior product, from a group that clearly does not have our interests at heat. None of the several hundred comments above are supportive of Monsoon, yet we forge ahead nonetheless.

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it seems like someone at ARMLS must be getting a big payday!!

  24. Mary Beans Homesmart Elite

    I think we should all protest. Since ARMlS owns Monsoon, it no wonder they are dropping Imapp. I hope we can get it back. It is a very useful tool for me and my clients.

  25. Brian Ramsey

    ARMLS should have more of a public servant or public utility approach to their business. (Realtors being the public) If we had other real options other than ARMLS as our provider, then I could see their right of making changes at their sole discretion, but they should have a responsibility to propose changes for a majority approval given they are the only game in town for Realtors which pay the fees to keep them in existence.

  26. Greg Geesey

    I am in favor of keeping IMAPP.

  27. Glenda Chase

    I think Imapp is the best and easiest system to work with and I am extremely disappointed in MLS’s decision to only offer Monsoon. What’s going on?

  28. Adam

    ARMLS is pathetic. Take away tools that we need to do our business? Obviously you guys aren’t very good at negotiating and it’s why you work for ARMLS. I know how to use Monsoon, but it’s garbage. Pathetic that this is happening.

  29. David Haase

    Please do not terminate the service with IMAPP. IMAPP is easy to use and offers many functions that I use everyday., please don’t take it away. I way prefer IMAPP over Monsoon.

  30. Lynette Clemens

    I LOVE IMAPP! I think is so much easier to find the information. I really hope it doesn’t go away!

  31. Shanna Day


  32. Phyllis Cochran

    I’m joining the chorus to keep Imapp. I know where the info is located – nothing new to learn – and the info provided is useful. I’ve seen the new system and don’t like it. I think whoever designed it was drinking or smoking something when they did it.

  33. Jason Slipcheck

    I can speak for all Realtors when I say we DO NOT want imapp to go away. It is one of the best tools we have. The Monsoon system is horrible. Please do not take imapp away from us.

  34. Barbara

    This is just a replay of when ARMLS took away Ultimate Information Systems as a tool to search for new contruction and left us with the far inferior RL Brown and NHS Pro. Why are we being forced to use a less robust product without any say in the matter? We are the ones using the products and paying for them so why wouldn’t we, as agents, have a say in what we use. IMapp has always been a great tool and is so user friendly with so many great features. Why on earth would ARMLS want us to use Monsoon and make our jobs even more difficult? I think that if we all go to the ARMLS facebook site and add a comment to every post, whether it concerns IMapp or not, about how we agents want IMapp back, maybe they’d hear us!

  35. Veronica Grantham

    As with everyone else I agree IMapp is far superior. I am an appraiser and not having iMapp will end up taking more time and effort to verify or even find the data I need.

  36. Gerald E. Rupp

    Give the customers a choice. Usage will indicate which is best for the client.

  37. Mike Cave

    Everyone: email hankg@armls regarding our discontent for dropping IMAPP

  38. John Wilcock

    I just looked on Monsoon to see if I could include 2nd or 3rd prior sales transactions….. Don’t see it. Just another aspect that will make my work more difficult because of this lie. I use IMAPP 90% and flexmls 10%. I am going to cringe and think twice to pay my next ARMLS dues.
    If the ARMLS board is not telling the truth and in fact IMAPP is a continued choice but our board doesn’t want to listen to us as members….. Well guys (and gals) we know what we have to do……

    It’s reason enough to replace the board. It’s our system, our board.

    • Mary Ann

      You can get the history, John. It’s just not as user friendly and concise as iMAPP is. I LOVE iMAPP. One click wonder. Monsoon is a work in progress. Like you, I wish we had a choice.
      Someone from ARMLS told our broker the cost of iMapp was going up 400%. Announced at our office meeting as the other reason, besides cancellation, we could not keep iMAPP. Where on earth did these rumors come from???

      • Jeff Hoffmann

        The answer to that is that it’s not going up 400%. What is true is that the contract was back-loaded so the second year pays more than the first, so I guess if you’re trying hard to spin this situation, technically it is going up if you want to look at it that way. We are asking for the amount originally agreed to in the contract for the March 2015 – February 2016 period, not a penny more. If that really was too much for them to afford, why did they sign the contract for that amount in the first place?

        • Mary Ann

          Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate the clarification. Yes, you could spin it that way, but I’m not a fan of “spin”. Truth and trust go hand in hand. In defense of our broker, who is not on the Board, he may not have all the information either. Thanks for keeping us informed.

          • Jeff Hoffmann

            Brokers are being told a lot of different stories. We’ve heard from agents affiliated with a variety of brokers and it seems like each one is getting a little bit different story, whatever it takes to be believed, I guess.

            One thing with our contracts is that it’s not unusual to have back-loaded contracts. It is fairly common to find boards that intend to get rid of one product soon but are still paying for it (like, say, Realist), so for budgeting purposes part of the fee is deferred to the second year when they are no longer paying for that other product. If we lose money in the first year, make up for it in the second, it’s the average that matters in the end.

  39. Michele Rogel

    I am so very disappointed to see IMAPP go away & be forced to using such an inferior program such as monsoon. Please do not terminate IMAPP this is a wonderful tool, I already dislike the monsoon program. We are the ones paying for the program, we definitely should have our choice & what works best for us. We all need accurate information, we are the ones out there working real estate. I cannot believe we are not given a choice, yet we still have to pay our dues. WE need to be heard!!!

  40. Evan E

    When iMapp officially goes down to Arizona, please contact me as I’d be more than to pay for an iMapp subscription. I think iMapp may be able to generate just as much money (or more) with individual subscriptions as it was with the ARMLS contract. Thanks!

    • Dan Moore

      I am interested in being informed about
      imapp(keystone property source)
      availabilty in the future.Thank you

      • Gene Montemore

        Could those of us who want a separate iMapp subscription form a co-op for discounted pricing?

        • Jeff Hoffmann

          We’re currently talking to groups in area to see if there are brokers or other organizations that would be interested in committing to a certain number of users for the coming year. If we can bill as a group that gets the best pricing, then based on what we’ve got for commitments there, that will determine how much we can discount the individuals. If you have a group you think you could put together, you can email

          • Janice Lawrence

            Please keep me in the loop on being able to keep iMapp. I have called a few times voicing my opinion on voice mail and not had a returned call from ARMLS.
            Currently at ReMax Alliance Group 602-708-2595

  41. Dianne Rokey

    As an active Realtor licensed in 1980 I have seen MANY changes to any and all systems available to us. Sadly it has been the practice of those ‘making the decisions’, presumably our board members, to never choose the updated version of whatever we had been using. They always vote in a new and totally different system, consequently throwing US all back into the cauldron, stirring us up a bit, and everyone starts from scratch as a ‘beginner’. I have always wondered their reasoning in that?!

    iMAPP is and was the best product available, it was easy to use, concise, easily modified to remove inappropriate comps, and very printer friendly. To discontinue their contract, and our option to use iMAPP, seems ridiculous to say the least. Isn’t there some sort of collusion in only providing information through a source, wherein there is possible or probable profit or income to a partial or direct ownership of that particular source? Shouldn’t this type of ‘complete’ change be put to a vote of the membership at large, and not just decided on by the few board members or directors who were ‘voted in’?!


    • Rolinda Mackenzie

      I WHOLEHEARTEDLY WANT TO KEEP IMAPP. As Realtor’s we pay for the service and if the real estate community is not satisfied, then we’d let you know. You are making the decision. We continually get changes thrown at us, and you have no idea how much legwork, investigation, and paperwork we go through with our clients. Now we need to learn a new system. I SAY NO. Keep it as it is. It WORKS..

    • Gail McCarroll

      Well said Dianne!!!

  42. reva schafer

    I have been a realtor for 30 years in Scottsdale and hate to see Imapp go. It is the best thing ARMLS gave us and now they want to take it away?? Is ARMLS going to POT.? Why are they pushing Monsoon? It looks like a halfass site.

    • kevin weil

      They are pushing Monsoon because they have an ownership interest in Monsoon. Monsoon is appropriately named though…no one is excited that Monsoon is coming.

  43. Kanda Koehler

    Add my name to the list of Realtors/Brokers that want to keep IMAPP — Great product, easy to use and needs to stay – ARMLS please listen to your members!!

    Thank you.

  44. Bill

    Please call ARMLS and demand they keep IMAPP! I’m calling every day, please do so as well. They need to know it is not acceptable to give us a much inferior product when IMAPP is already here and very useful.

  45. Lucinda Tkach

    Imapp is very easy to use. I agree why not leave it the same. Monsoon has to go through many unnecessary steps. The agents should have the option to vote on it. We pay the dues. After all were out in the field working.


  46. Andrew Engel

    IMAPP is an easy interface to use, allows for the rapid searching of tax data, allows excel files to be downloaded quickly, we are able to upload common separated lists of APN numbers into IMAp and download information about those specific properties. Monsoon has a monthly limit on downloadable tax records, Imapp does not. Searching a subdivision in Monsoon is a total pain in the butt. Lots of data is skipped over, and you can no longer search by the same property criteria as IMAPP. Monsoon you are able to search a dozen or so characteristics, IMAPP is close to 100! The last time they tried to replace IMAPP they used Realist, which was great if your were looking for a starbucks, but real estate professionals need real estate data, not fluff! Looking good works for Realtors not Data. Monsoon is more fluff then substance and although it looks pretty it does not do the job as well as IMAPP. I will be paying for IMAPP separately if I have too, and will want a refund from ARMLS for failing to provide the needed tools. Monsoon is a retail realtors idea of what real estate data should look like. I say, if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it!

  47. Sheryl

    I really like iMapp better, I have to print the tax records to take with me on appraisals, the new Monsoon system prints 3 pages now instead of 1. I used to be able to choose what to print and now I cant. What a waste of paper and time, It is very difficult to see or read the plat map and the entire page is not organized well at all. There is no measuring tool, which I used to use to measure the plat map. We are loosing functionality, it is NOT a better product at all. I also found a missing deed/prior sales history yesterday. This is not good.

  48. Beverly James

    I like IMAPP & use it everyday! Let us keep it. ARMLS -Do not interfere with my ability to make a living by taking away the most accurate & easy to use system. We should not have to use a system you choose for us – just because ARMLS owns it. And no – we should not have to pay more for IMAPP!!! ARMLS decided to buy or create MONSOON – not the Realtors! We paid our dues expecting IMAPP!!

  49. Judy Jones

    I don’t like the Monsoon System, and honestly something seems fishy. Why weren’t we told about this sooner and that ARMLS owns Monsoon…..hmmm!!!!
    JUST KEEP IMAPP everybody like it.

  50. Carol Tracy

    Whoops. I forgot to add the contact information for Hank Grabowski at ARMLS. His direct phone number is (480) 303-7235, and his email address is Maybe you will have better luck having a conversation with him than I did.

  51. Carol Tracy

    I just got off the phone with Hank Grabowski at ARMLS. The only way I can describe the “conversation” is that it was similar to trying to bite a cloud. Absolutely no substanceHe was evasive, uncooperative, and couldn’t or wouldn’t comment on anything.

    I asked him why we weren’t given any choice in losing iMapp, and why we went from three choices to one. He had no comment. I asked him if we were going to be reimbursed part of our dues since we now had two less choices. He had no comment. i asked him why we weren’t told that ARMLS owned Monsoon. he had no comment. i asked him why we were “misinformed” that iMapp was going out of business. His replay was “I wasn’t involved in that part of it”. I asked him if we could pay individually to keep iMapp, and he said that he had no idea. And when I told him that I knew that i wasn’t the only one who felt so angry and duped by this change that was shoved down our throats, he said, and I quote, “Well, I have fielded a few calls, but i was able to walk them through the things they didn’t understand about Monsoon, and then they were happy”. To this I say BULLCRAP.

    Why should WE, as agents, have absolutely no say in what products we want to use? Unless I am mistaken, no one has asked us what WE want. I have been to the Monsoon class, and the class made me like the system even less. Why should WE have to take our valuable time, and go to a class in the first place? Why should we have to give up something that worked so well for us? Somehow I am reminded of a third-world country, where the dictators tell the villagers what is good for them.

    So, what do we do now? How do we fight this? I am normally a very calm and easy-going person, but this has infuriated me. i want my iMapp back!! Someone tell me what to do to try to change this, and I will lead the charge.

    Carol Tracy
    Realty Executives
    37 years of selling real estate

    • Noel Kando

      I do agree with you 100% but the solution is to find who decided to scrap the IMAPP and the committee with that person, then to sign a petition to have this person or persons be fired and I will be the first to sign such a petition
      thank you

      • Janice Lawrence


  52. Robert Frost

    Please keep IMAPP, even if it costs us more to use. As an appraiser, I find it easier to use that Monsoon. I miss Realist as well as it provided plat maps much easier than monsoon does.

  53. Fred Shapiro

    So, I’ve only been a member of the Scottsdale Board/ARMLS system for 36 years. I have seen many changes and I usually fight then embrace the change/got too. I called ARMLS about the new “Monsoon” system and was told to put down in writing what I’d like to see developed with their new system. We all work hard in real estate. I don’t think it’s my job to help design a system when the present system had no complaints from me! The Imapp system works well for me. The Monsoon system does not work well and I don’t have the time or patience to help ARMLS fix their flaws.
    I guess what we’re seeing with ARMLS is similar to our government, they do not really represent the general public only a limited few. Sorry for ranting but I’m upset!

  54. jim bringe

    After reading the current posts and reading comments by Mr Consalvo, I am guessing that what is actually happening is that ARMLS, who currently owns or has a large interest in Monsoon, was looking for a way to legally drop IMAPP. The minor name change issue on the ARMLS contract with IMAPP was sufficient reason for ARMLS to drop the contract with IMAPP and use their own Monsoon. The subscribers be damned. Do we poor suckers have any alternative to this ARMLS monopoly? No. Just keep paying your dues and shut up.
    What a system!

  55. Darlene Schmitt

    I use IMAPP on a daily basis. I think it is a superior product to Monsoon. Why on earth is ARMLS giving up this contract that is in place for another year? I am sure if they took the time to poll their subscribers, they would find the majority are very unhappy to hear that we will be losing IMAPP

    • Dan Moore

      I agree!!!!!!

  56. Steve Arnold

    I would certainly like to keep IMAPP as an option…it was presented to me recently as “IMAPP is ending the contract with us”?? We certainly need a choice and there was not a need for “monsoon”… We have 2 tax providers…who at ARMLS decided to dedicate staff, dollars, and the plan to come up with monsoon?

  57. Josh

    IMapp is with out a doubt a product that is used on a daily basis..

    I personally would not be opposed to paying a bit more, if need be…


  58. martin sears

    i want ARMLS to keep I-mapp. customers LOVE it and it is user friendly with ACCURATE info!

  59. Peggy Ballman

    I have tried to use Monsoon and find that the info is all over the place, not definitive and frustrating to use. IMAPP is easy to use, all info is right there without having to look all over for it, gives the most current info for comps, status, just an excellent tool. , I hope ARMLS will re evaluate its decision and keep a product that works for everyone…

  60. scott gaertner

    To preface: I am an old dog so I dont like new tricks . . . But I see no benefit to monsoon and would love to keep Imapp.

  61. William Growney

    IMAPP is terrific, and Monsoon is not. As an appraiser, I depend on IMAPP. I have tried to use Monsoon, and I went to the class. I cannot get the data I need to complete an appraisal with Monsoon. I can’t get it to print on a page so I can read it. PLEASE give us the choice! Keep IMAPP!

  62. Jim Cohen

    Imapp must be kept!!!!!

  63. Jon

    It would sure be interesting if iMapp would take the time to put out a product comparison chart that would clearly showcase the features and functions that they offer. Showcase features both iMapp and Monsoon provide, but also spell out the features Monsoon offers that iMapp does not and vise versa. I would think that pointing out which features users need would be a better position for an argument than anything I see on this page. From the IMAPP portion of this page all I read is that they want the profit from the contract and wish to still be in contract. From the comments I see that there is a portion of the member population that like iMapp, but I do not see any specifics on what iMapp does that Monsoon does not do. Could it be in some cases Monsoon does do the same feature, but a specific member does not yet know how to do it in Monsoon?

    In the comments I read, there was a lot of “I like iMapp better” and “ARMLS should listen to me”, but other than the comps are better in iMapp, I do not see an argument to keep iMapp as a member benefit.

    Should Realtors really use an AVM for comps? Don’t we have access to RPR if we are going to use an AVM? We may as well use Zillow.

    I have been using both services and comparing them, and see nothing different between the two… least how I use them.

    I guess I am just curious what SPECIFICALLY iMapp does that Monsoon does not……

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      A lot of the complaints that people have, and I think rightfully so, is that ARMLS is pulling the product with little notice. The email that they sent in January, if they really felt that way, should have been sent in early November. They had all the same facts back then, it would have given a lot of people the time to take the classes & really learn what the differences are and make the decision for themselves. If you follow the comments, here, you’ll see that a lot of people have taken those classes and have made the decision that they’d prefer to keep IMAPP. When you’ve been in this business for as long as we have, you find that a lot of what makes one piece of software better than another is personal preference, it just makes sense to you the way it works, does the job you want it to do without problems, others might not feel the same. I think the short answer to the selling point of IMAPP is just that: it doesn’t try to be too much, it’s quick, easy to learn, give people information formatted in a way that they want and tries to make sure the data is the most accurate available. One of the things that isn’t easy to fill out in a comparison chart is just how much work we do to ensure the data is as accurate as possible. Maricopa county has the highest level of data corrections of any county we work with across the country. It might surprise people to know how different the data is that comes in vs. what the end user sees. On that comparison chart, I can’t say we’ve put in X hours or fixed Y properties, in the end a lot of this is hard to quantify or compare from product to product.

      As to your comment about comps being an AVM, at least in our case, it’s less about putting a value in front of you and more about picking out the best sales for you to use as a starting point, keeping them ranked highest and trying to keep the worse matches from being there to waste your time. There’s a lot of math in whole process, multivariate ranking and distribution analysis that allows us to whittle down potentially hundreds of similar sales to a few of the best quality matches. If you go to our comps page & just copy & paste the number that comes up, you’re probably not that much better off than other AVMs. But if you do that, you’re doing it wrong. You should be scanning through that list of comparables to make sure they’re good matches, remove the ones that aren’t good matches, and go from there. If we save someone a few minutes once a month just by keeping you from having to click on a couple of extra properties, the ones that aren’t good matches, that right there has paid for the service in your time. Remember, it only costs a couple of cents a day to have IMAPP as an option.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, you can’t please everyone all of the time. I personally think choice is a great thing for exactly that reason, for not that much money you can let people pick the product that works best for their needs. If the ARMLS’s decision is to go with one product, great, own the decision, don’t tell people that your hands are tied and you’d like to offer a choice when clearly that’s not the case.

    • Jerome Yuhas

      How about getting information correct. I just reviewed two records in which Monsoon had data wrong while the data was listed correctly on iMapp. I personally verified that the data on iMapp is correct. This along with other comments on ease of use is enough reason to keep a system that works. The only reason ARMLS is making this change is to profit from their own product.

      • Jeff Hoffmann


        Good luck trying to tell this to ARMLS. They’ll think that you’re crazy and tell you that the data’s all the same. A big part of our value proposition is the amount of work that goes into ensuring that you’re getting the best quality data we can give you. We have 20 years of experience working with counties big and small across the US and with national data providers like DataQuick and RealtyTrac. Every one of them has had their share of problems and we realized early on that putting the work in to fix that would help set us apart. It’s unfortunate that ARMLS doesn’t realize that the effort matters and effort costs money (well, if you consider a whole 2 cents a day real money).

  64. Eileen Shapiro

    I am always ready for improvement, but not for change that set us back professionally and changes that may not have been properly explained. When I compared Monsoon comps with Imapp’s, I found Monsoon to be inaccurate.
    I am hearing that Monsoon is owned by ARMLS and that ARMLS said that Imapp was going out of business. Imapp claims to be alive and well!! So, what is really going on here? Bring back Imapp!

  65. Alyce Tartell

    IMAPP is a superior product. Monsoon has a pretty interface, but that is not important. We need the best tools do our job. Something FISHY is going on over there at ARMLS. They charge us a lot of money, yet ignore the wishes of their members?!
    I hope something can be done. Is there a petition being circulated? I did not see one.
    Thanks, Alyce Tartell

  66. Kathleen Abaie

    It is my opinion that the folks at ARMLS have been instructed to not respond to our calls and cries to keep iMapp. I have emailed every email address available and not one response. ARMLS’ behavior is a lack of professionalism and attention to their members on the iMapp issue. In a business where disclosure is paramount, ARMLS is lacking regarding iMapp. If the cost of iMapp is negligent, why are they taking away a fantastically awesome program? When Bob Bemis was CEO, he worked a deal to keep iMapp; our voices were heard. I’m not sure why Matthew Cansalvo and the rest of the management team is silent on this topic refusing to acknowledge what we Realtors® want-to keep iMapp. They can run Monsoon if they choose, but not as a replacement to iMapp. Whatever the issue at hand ARMLS, please resolve the difference and maintain iMapp in the ARMLS program as a viable and superior tool for all us dedicated and hardworking Realtors® working for our clients. We adhere to a Code of Ethics and integrity and disclosure in our relationships with our clients. iMapp is integral in providing quality service on a daily basis for me, multiple times a day. I have tried Monsoon, and like many of my colleagues, prefer the value offered by iMapp. Hear our voices!!!

  67. Eric Ranta

    As an appraiser, I use iMapp extensively to research a subject, it’s prior sales, and the surrounding neighborhood. Monsoon is not nearly as flexible and powerful as iMapp. Monsoon may be pretty, but its not the work horse that iMapp is. ARMLS clearly doesnt care about it’s members. They are going to force me to subscribe to iMapp on my own.

    The very fact that ARMLS told us that iMapp was terminating the contract and terminating it’s business operations is revealing, they know that they would take heat from their subscribers if they had just dropped iMapp.

  68. Rich Stengel

    When given the choice of tax systems, I always gravitate to Imapp. I used it today and was happy to see it was still available! It’s easy to understand, concise, accurate and puts all important info right in front of you! I did not like using Realist. Please keep Imapp! Realtor for over 35 years!

  69. Robert

    ARMLS OWNS MONSOON (Could this be the problem?)

    “Monsoon is a product of a company called The Information Market which ARMLS purchased in 2012. Thus, it is very safe to say that ARMLS entirely owns both the company behind and the product called Monsoon.” – Matthew Consalvo, Chief Executive Officer, Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

    This statement was received in an email reply yesterday to an original email voicing discontent with losing IMAPP.

    Your thoughts on this?

    I took a poll on Facebook on tax system preference and currently my FB friends have voted 15-0 in favor of IMAPP. Is there a single person out there not affiliated with ARMLS than can convince me that Monsoon is a better product than IMAPP? Please advise!

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      I find it surprising how many ARMLS members call us and post here without knowing the tie between ARMLS and Monsoon. I would have thought this is something everyone would have been aware of many months ago. We’ve assumed for quite some time that by the end of the IMAPP contract in 2016 ARMLS would be Monsoon only. Nobody told us that, I’m not saying it’s definitely true, it just seemed like there was writing on the wall.

      Monsoon is by REALTORs for REALTORs*. You’d think that ARMLS should be proud to endorse their product, to exploit the homegrown pride and the promise of building a product tailored to you and not feel like they had to tell you “we’d like to keep IMAPP but can’t” when clearly they could if they wanted to. You’d think if nothing else it would build good will for Monsoon, if people understood the long term instead of feeling like they were forced to change for no good reason. In the software industry it’s something called “dog fooding”, as in all of your employees are forced to use a product (“eat your own dog food”) when there is an entrenched alternative people are used to using with the goal of testing your new product internally to work the bugs out before you sell it to others. I just hope this isn’t a decision solely made to turn you all into guinea pigs when you’ve got better things to do.

      *based on comments here not so much for appraisers, it would seem. YMMV.

  70. Karren C

    Any chance you guys can get rid of ARMLS and create something equivalent or better and combine it with IMAPP?

  71. Patrick Sheridan

    Please keep IMAPP. The quick access to the “Inventory by Zip Code” tab is very useful for appraisers. IMAPP has been the best service so far for getting “next day” closing information. Monsoon seems to require too many clicks to arrive at a summary form. IMAPP provides this instantly and is a lot easier to work with.

  72. David Dupree

    Tonight I click the map link and find my preferred Tax Map force feed to me and changed to Monsoon, behind the scenes, no consent on my part. Good name Monsoon, it’s a storm taking over like a hurricane or ha-bob, whether we want it or not.

    As far as I’m concerned. iMapp has served me as a Full-Time Realtor extremely well. In the hectic pace of my daily professional life I simply need clear, concise up to date information. iMapp provides all three.

    Not to mention, I thought the voice of ARMLS subscribers, was heard loud and clear and settled this issue in 2013, the first time you ARMLS tried to take iMapp away as a standard feature from us.


    ARMLS you’re the sixth largest MLS in the nation, admittedly one of the most affordable, and perhaps best designed, however with over 30,000 active members at an annual fee of $270/subscribers, according to my math that is conservatively $8,100,000.00. Most of which is collected basically in a one month period. With that kind of operating cash I’m hard pressed to understand why you ARMLS can’t work out an acceptable service contract with iMapp to keep it as an option included in the subscriber fee.

    ARMLS the voice of your subscribers has spoken before about this and are again!

    KEEP iMapp.

  73. Lois Kaipainen

    What’s up with the bait and switch? What’s up with the misinformation ARMLS????????

    IMAPP is a great program and does not waste my screen space or my paper. Everything is right there and easy to see. Monsoon, while it might be “prettier” has the info all over the place – multiple clicks and multiple printouts – not a good fit for an efficient office.


    • Jeff Hoffmann

      With surveys and feedback in forums like you see here, “fast” and “easy” and “don’t change a thing” are the things we get constantly. People would probably kill us if we changed too much, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. With our newest version, pages are laid out the same, same information, just with a bit more polish and a few added features. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’d say our newest version is a lot prettier than what you’re used to. At this point it’s just a matter of getting that version out to you. I can’t imagine what sort of PR FUD that would unleash from ARMLS if we tried that, though, given the fact that just attempting to add our name has suddenly turned it into a new product in their eyes even though not one line of code has changed.

    • Bill

      I completely agree. I am now forced to literally double my paper cost.

      Here is why:

      I have to shrink the page when I print monsoon because the sides get cut off and I’m not able to view certain critical information. So I found that shrinking the print size down to about 75% or “shrink to fit” setting on the printer works well. However!!!!! If I forget to change this setting back to 100% size, and print my MLS listings, the 75% or “shrink to fit” setting is much too small to read! I cannot believe that I’m forced to spend so much time changing print settings in order to save myself from printing on twice as much paper. This is ridiculous and my blood is boiling due to this absolutely unnecessary change by those idiots at ARMLS. They take these MASSIVE dues from their members and treat them like crap?

      Our experience as members who pay the high fees are supposed to improve, not the opposite. When I call to complain, I just get the typical desk idiot who swears that IMAPP is EXACTLY the same as monsoon…no you moron, it is not EXACTLY the same. I can’t even say that this moron is insulting my intelligence since he/she is literally dumber than dirt and is comparable to a fast food worker with the absolute minimal training.

      So, here I am complaining on this board.

      I implore all of you who may have been affected by this change to DEMAND that ARMLS retain IMAPP or significantly reduce our membership costs. How is this unreasonable???? Either keep the current service, or if you’re going to downgrade service, REDUCE the price.

      Those of us (most likely ALL of us) who are constantly out in the field with very limited desk time need to utilize the best available services, devices, and resources in order to maximize our extremely valuable time. IMAPP is one of those services, devices, and resources that are pertinent to keeping my time well managed so that I can spend time with my family!!! ARMLS is literally screwing with our family time, and this is unacceptable.

    • Agus

      This is totally incompetence of ARMLS officers/Personnel in charge of dropping iMapp. Are ARMLS officers/personnels held to the same ethics standard? Stop lying with facts.

      You tried to persuade members to move into Realist before and I refused to even try it. It is not even a realistic move. What did happen to Realist now? What a shortsighted move.

      Monsoon looks like a knock off of iMapp. Is there a law of plagiarism in this case? At the very least, you need to allow members to experiment and get comfortable with any new improvement before highhandedly switching to any programs abruptly. Members work with iMapp everyday and know the best. Please do not ever teach your dad how to make a baby.

  74. Bill

    Please Contact ARMLS Now and Tell Them We Demand They Keep IMAPP!!! I’m making it a daily routine right now during breakfast to give them a call and demand they keep the waaaaaaaaaay superior IMAPP over monsoon. Everyone! Please Do This!

  75. Mary Sand

    I hope everyone who writes a comment here also send an email to the ARMLS Board. IMAPP, is a great product and is user friendly and as many pointed out has the information we need in one or two locations. I hope ARMLS will listen to what the members want please continue to provide us with both options.

  76. Joel Scheller

    Pull your heads out “ARMLS”…Imapp is simple, easy, forwardable though email, highlights property lines & the list goes on of quality features. Monsoon makes me feel “ARM LESS”.
    Who’s embellishing? we’d all like to know…

    • Janice Lawrence

      If you are in the loop on knowing how to keep iMapp can you let me know?
      I am not getting anywhere at ARMLS. As the clock ticks….
      Thank you 602-708-2595

  77. Christy At ARMLS Support

    2-12-2015 Christy at ARMLS support 480 303-7020 also just said IMAP was out of business / bankrupt. She went on to state that they were then purchased by a new company who didn’t want to continue service.

    Who is telling the truth?

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      iMapp is not going out of business. You can read the iMapp response to what is happening on their blog:

      PropertyKey did not buy iMapp. PropertyKey is the developer of the iMapp product that you are using today. We have been a technical partner to iMapp since long before the first contract we had with ARMLS and continue to work with iMapp to this day. PropertyKey is providing 100% of the ongoing maintenance of the iMapp contract. We are very much committed to continue to provide the iMapp product to our customers and we have an open offer to ARMLS to continue to provide the service under exactly the same terms, utilizing the same people that have been there working for ARMLS members since that first contract with ARMLS was signed back in 2006.

      Even though PropertyKey has been a vital part of every IMAPP contract, we have never been the primary name on the contract. Over the last several months, we have been going to boards across the country asking them to recognize the role we have been playing and to enhance the level of accountability, responsibility and communications between ARMLS and the people actually providing the service. It’s simple, dull, behind the scenes legal stuff that shouldn’t affect the day-to-day workflow of busy agents & appraisers. Even though ARMLS has a large membership, overall it is a small portion of the full IMAPP user base and we have already gone through the same process with many other associations. No other board in the country has had their IMAPP service altered in any way, the only change is the names on the contracts. Why ARMLS is finding this so confusing or problematic, or why they seem to be misleading their members, I can’t answer that.

  78. Christie Shoemaker

    Christie Shoemaker – Premier Appraisals

  79. Ryan Ney

    IMAPP is essential to my busy real estate business and now you decide to use a new tax system right in the middle of AZ’s busy time of the year. Not smart! Keep IMAPP!!

  80. Jeff Playford

    I am an appraiser and like to have both but if I have to choose this would be a no-brainer, Imapp. With Monsoon I have to look all over the place for the information I need, yes it is all there but over several pages, Imapp is everything I need in one page. It seems just about everyone wants Imapp and who pays the dues here anyway ???

  81. Jean Szeman

    I have gone to training for Monsoon and still prefer iMapp. There is misinformation as to why it is going away. This should be cleared up. Why take away a tool so many Realtors are using? Please do not remove iMapp!!

  82. Susan Pellegrini

    ARMLS…as a very busy agent I implore you to keep IMAPP. The time for change is not during “season.” I need familiar tools that are easy to use and work for me. I do not understand the rationale behind taking a system that works for so many and replacing it with another that must be learned. Agents are busy…please help us to work effectively and efficiently. Keep IMAPP….at least until the summer! New and improved is not necessary for me and many others. Keep what works and helps us be productive.

  83. Shahla Mentha

    ARMLS, please pay attention! We all want to keep the IMAP!

  84. Julio C Martinez

    It is Clear to me that no one is buying into this Monssoon crap, it is our dollars
    and it should be our choice, we want to keep IMAPP. bring it back and stop pushing your crappy monsoon on us..

  85. Rich Saba

    IMAPP is much better than Monsoon and it should stay!

  86. cynthia leggitt

    Bottom line is this for me: I don’t like the vulnerability of access to only one system, no matter how good it is. If it goes down, everything stops. Choice is good.

    • Bill

      Yes, choice is good. And it’s called Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. Bring BACK IMAPP! Call ARMLS and complain if you want IMAPP back. Demand lower MLS dues or bring IMAPP back. I’m calling every day.

  87. Georgette Baggett

    Keep IMapp for us. We all know how to use it and it is easy.

  88. Georgette Baggett

    Please let’s get real….. Us – Realtors and Brokers are in the Field and know what we need to do our job.
    Keep IMapp……… It is a simple tax database that I use, I do not want to take the time to learn Monsoon…

  89. Bill Ferrin

    I’m pretty up set about this as well. Love IMapp can’t stand Monsoon. I just got off the phone with ARMLS and they assured me that they would like to have kept IMapp available but that the the company that licensed it exercised the early termination. Someone isn’t telling us the truth here.

  90. Leo Sanchez


  91. John Rice

    Lets hope Monsoon will soon blow itself away and we can return to the iMappy days of yore!

  92. Bill Growney

    ARMLS: they don’t care; they don’t have to. This is a terrific inconvenience, and it is impeding my ability to earn a living.

  93. R. Richard Newhouse

    ARMLS had better get their act together and start listening to their constituency. We can flood their phone number with calls and make their life miserable just as they are trying to do to us by dropping i-mapp. and 480-303-7235. There is no reason to drop i-mapp other than some “dealings” at ARMLS that we are unaware of. R. Richard Newhouse, Broker, Newhouse Realty, LLC.

  94. John Zoukis

    I would like to continue using IMapp
    I support iMapp. The last time we were told it was going away…(during the “Realist” depucle). The number of agents that spoke up in support of iMapp; the powers to be, listened and iMapp was available again. As a realtor using the tools of iMapp everyday and an agent paying my dues to ARMLS, I should be allowed a voice and vote on what I prefer to use. I prefer “iMapp”.I am not opposed to keeping both iMapp and Monsoon.

  95. Kim Decker

    I do not like Monsoon. I want to keep my IMAPP…can we pay for it as an individual user?

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      Thanks for your support. We are still holding out hope for a reprieve. It’s happened before and with enough voices, if ARMLS is in fact listening to you, it can happen again.

      If that doesn’t happen, we are definitely evaluating our options when it comes to continuing our service in Arizona. Because of data licensing issues with ARMLS we can’t at this time go out and sell our service to individuals. In order to offer the same product you have come accustomed to we will need to re-license and/or find replacement sources for proprietary data sets like MLS listing information after ARMLS cuts IMAPP off. Unfortunately it will take some time to work through our options there. Also, we’re trying very hard to keep the service affordable to the individual. As we mentioned in our post, the size of the ARMLS contract allows us to offer 95%+ discount on normal individual pricing. We are currently investigating the possibility of working with brokers or professional organizations where we can offer our service at a group discount to those members. If you sign up for email updates, we will certainly let you know when our plans solidify.

  96. Brian McMahon

    IMAPP should stay.

  97. Jon

    I called ARMLS to complain about the new Monsoon system. I was told IMAPP was going out of business. I do not like the Monsoon system, it stinks. IMAPP provides a better presentation and ease of operating.

  98. Paqeze Qalliaj Tirana realty group

    Please try to consider our opinion, we are the one we pay you.
    I like to use IMAPP, IT IS Great!

  99. Carol Tracy

    This is a travesty. Once again, we are not getting factual information from ARMLS. I have given the Monsoon system a fair shake, and find it hard to use, time-consuming, awkward, and short on information. ARMLS has fabricated a story of iMapp wanting to cancel their agreement, and I smell a rat.

    ARMLS, I pay my dues on time, do all that is asked of me, and in return I expect a straight story, rather than you telling me what you think I should hear. As a licensed and active agent since 1978, I expect better of you. Work this out! We need to keep iMapp! You just might have an uprising this time around.


    Carol Tracy
    Realty Executives
    agent for 37 years

  100. Lillian Horne

    My husband and I are both upset with the forced moved to Monsoon. We found IMAPP to be extremely efficient and easier to use than Monsoon. We recently took a Monsoon overview training session and found it to be more time consuming than IMAPP for a quick tax search. If put to a vote we suspect that a vast majority of ARMLS members would prefer to use IMAPP rather than Monsoon. ARMLS needs to provide two options (IMAPP and Monsoon) not just one (Monsoon).

  101. Marc Radin

    I have enjoyed the ease of use of the imapp system and find it instrumental to gathering the necessary date I need in an efficient manner. Thank you imapp for the great service. I will be hindered by having to use another system that is forced upon me and other agents.

    I am very disappointed that the reasoning we have been given from ARMLS concerning imapp going out of business does not seem to be accurate from what I have read above. I am not in a position to judge either side for veracity, but if imapp continues to be available after the date ARMLS drops it, there will be a great deal of warranted suspicion on the part of many ARMLS agents.

  102. Michael Spencer

    Everyone, starting as soon as Armls opens start calling, call every hour on the hour get Imapps back, monsoon is that not a storm, usually our valley gets destroyed by those storms. I am an appraiser, some agents will not happy when more time is spent trying to work that complicated system. Imapp is easy, even a realtor can use it. HAHA, I see even Armls does not care about their agents that use it. Communist system in effect when the State tells us this is good for you, no choice. Thanks for caring.

  103. Shemika H

    I too am an appraiser and was very disappointed when Realist was taken away and now all of a sudden IMAPP will go away. As members we should be given the choice to use whatever data system we believe to be the most reliable for our businesses. We should be given the choice to use what our business needs are especially since we all pay dues for this service. This is not good!

  104. Jeff Star

    This really sucks, We pay all this money every year and we have to deal with this kind of crap from armls. I fought against this last time they wanted to get rid of imapp for a sub-par tax system. Don’t they understand that we use this tool everyday in our business. Even the appraiser’s are using because of its accuracy and simplicity. It works so well, ARMLS please tell me and everyone else who pays hundreds of dollars a year why you can’t leave well enough alone?????? My thinking is the monsoon system is much cheaper so they can pocket the savings and give themselves a “much needed bonus”. BULLSHIT!!!!

    • Robert Drummer

      I find it hard to believe Monsoon costs less than iMapp.

      PropertyKey is able to leverage their expertise, overhead and history with many MLS clients across the country. Doing a bespoke system for a single client can be very expensive.

      To my knowledge, ARMLS is the only MLS we work with that owns their own data and tax software company.

      I’d love to see the budget and the total amount spent on the software development and support along with the acquisition and ongoing operation costs of The Information Market….but I won’t hold my breath.

  105. Dianna Hierling

    The only way we will have any chance of keeping IMAPP is to put pressure on ARMLS. I talked to them today and was told that “no one is really protesting the Monsoon program.” EVERYONE who is unhappy about Monsoon needs to call ARMLS and inundate them with calls, emails etc. ARMLS today gave me information that is completely contrary to what IMAPP is telling us -see above quotes. I was given the following information to lodge a complaint about Monsoon: and 480-303-7235


    • Jeff Hoffmann

      I was in our booth at NAR back in November. By far the most common conversation I had with ARMLS members went something like “You’re IMAPP?” followed by “I love IMAPP, I can’t stand Monsoon”. I’m sure it’s not a totally random sample, but I find it hard to believe nobody has been complaining.

  106. Tanya Kleinschmidt

    Hello, I am an appraiser and I use Realist and Imapp every day. I understand things change and people need to adapt, however we as a group are being forced to use Monsoon. When Monsoon first came out I looked at it and it is not user friendly at all. I chose to stick with Realist and Imapp. Then we were told Realist was going away and now Imapp is going away. We all pay due and we should have a say in this. Plus we have not been given any reason as to why both Realist and Imapp are being removed. I am a very unhappy customer at this point, however I don’t have much of a choice as I need Armls to do my job. I am extremely unhappy about this decision!


    I feel so many of us are upset about imapp going away right now because this is our busiest season. WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE A CHANGE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER? If IMAPP has to go away…NOT NOW !
    Appraiser are upset as well.

  108. Marlene Pearce

    I will also voice my strong preference for Imapp – don’t we all remember what happened last time ARMLS wanted to switch tax information providers? Why are they heading down this same path again?? I am very interested in finding out if IMAPP will provide their tax information as to 3rd parties, as it’s integral to my business.

  109. Barb Chew

    I clearly remember being told that IMAPP had decided to terminate their contract early? Whaaaat? I LOVE IMAPP, and not only use it for clients & fast CMAs, but also as an investor, I find it very user friendly. I would be willing to pay for it as subscriber on a personal basis, and have voiced the same. However, it appears someone is deciding on my behalf to take it away to support another less attractive option.

  110. Cyndi Reisenbigler

    well this just stinks!! i LOVE iMapp and really think monsoon stinks!


  111. Angie Trujillo

    Please let IMAPP be our source for tax searches. It is a very valuable tool. We as agents need it.

  112. Kristi Montoya

    I want to keep IMAP. It is easy and user friendly. The new product takes more time. Keep IMAP!

  113. Bill

    This is such BS! I am also an appraiser and rely on IMAPP literally every day of the week. IMAPP is so incredibly handy…Monsoon appears to be a cheap knockoff and it sure is slow. I cannot believe we are literally getting less than 24 hours notice of this. I called ARMLS and was informed that IMAPP will stop working tomorrow!?!?!? Will our MLS dues be going down to account for this loss? I urge everyone who reads this to call ARMLS immediately and demand some answers!

    • Jeff Hoffmann


      At least for the next couple of weeks you should be able to continue to get the IMAPP tax reports from FlexMLS, I think that all they are changing is the default, to get you all used to Monsoon. You will need to go into your preferences in FlexMLS and select “iMapp” for your tax record provider. That should continue to be available until the end of the month when that option goes away.

    • Robert Drummer

      @Bill If your dues were to go down to account for the loss of iMapp, it would only amount to a few pennies per day. The cost for iMapp, when spread out over the total membership, is around $0.02 per day, per member.


  114. Michael Peters

    Keep IMAPP. It is a great tool and the easiest to use. So easy to navigate thru and tons of info. Monsoon is a bust, no thank you.

  115. Robert Drummer

    So much for open and transparent communication. I was blocked from the ARMLS Facebook page 3 minutes after posting. None of us hold an AZ Real Estate License so we’re unable to share our story on the private group there, either.

    My response was to Doug McVinua, a Monsoon supporter and former ARMLS volunteer. Doug posted:
    Doug McVinua: I support the effort ARMLS has/is putting into the Monsoon Tax System. The base data is the same as I-Mapp use’s and with the product developed, written and supported by ARMLS the membership dollars invested are protected long term. Membership dollars are important, the need for duplicate tax systems is not necessary at this time.

    And I asked if Doug supported ARMLS creating their own MLS to replace FlexMLS or should ARMLS create a CRM to help members. Doug then replied I do not support ARMLS developing an MLS or CRM at this time. Other providers are providing very effective solutions that serve the ARMLS subscribers very well.

    My question was pulled before I could screen-capture it, but I did capture Doug’s reply before ARMLS deleted that one, too.

    Based on Doug’s previous service and ties to ARMLS, it seems he might know more about things than the average agent. His comment has me thinking that there is way more to the story than ARMLS is sharing. That comment doesn’t have anything to do with contract discussions.

    At the end of the day, we were played by ARMLS. They wanted out, demanded a release from the iMapp contract before they would discuss a replacement contract with PropertyKey and then slammed the door when we did as they asked.

    There are, in my opinion, being disingenuous about how this came to be. We have all the facts including the emails.

    And speaking of emails, although ARMLS denies it, PropertyKey has had constant e-mail contact with ARMLS and their employees since 2007.

    In an effort to keep iMapp available, we’ll be contacting brokers and associations to offer the service. We have once again been put in a position to fight for both our reputation and for ARMLS members to continue using a tool that they clearly want to keep.

    Be sure to sign up for our e-mail list if you haven’t already. We’ll keep any e-mails short and to the point.

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      For anybody who is following this thread, here is another reminder of how ARMLS doesn’t understand that all tax products are not equal. Part of the discussion we did have with ARMLS revolved around the fact that both Monsoon and IMAPP use the same data. This is true for all tax providers, ultimately it all comes from the assessor, recorder, GIS department, etc. Facts are facts, right? Well, yes and no. It’s kind of like that old game of telephone, the further you get from the source the more distorted the message gets. No matter how close you get to the source, though, you still have to realize that errors exist and need to be corrected. Maricopa county, for example, has the highest percentage of incorrect addresses of any non-rural county we deal with. It comes down to understanding the errors that exist and taking the time to clean up those errors. The difference between two tax products is more than just features and how data is presented to you, it’s also the care that’s taken to ensure that the most accurate data possible is provided in product.

  116. Rita McVay

    I want to keep IMAPP….Monsoon b is an inferior product…we should not be forced to use this crap…

  117. scott dale

    Just like the last system they tried to jam down our throats that was cumbersome and by far inferior compared to the IMAPP, so is this one. The acid test was given the choice the people chose IMAPP, but this Monsoon is somebodys baby and there going to make us take it without a choice. It’s really pretty ridiculous that an agreement could not be made with IMAPP, Property Key or whoever? to make it work and give us realtors a choice of venue. I mean, Who is doing our negotiations and working for us ? in which by the way,i believe are the folks paying for all this!

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      We understand that you can’t always please everyone, especially in a group the size of ARMLS and product decisions like this are always contentious. We understand that. We’ve lost contracts before. As a rule we tend to get a straight response, though. (And BTW, we tend to get those contracts back. See our announcement with related to MyFlorida Regional MLS from a few weeks ago.) That’s business. It’s not as much the decision as the way they’re (trying to) sell it to people. Above all else, I think it’s disrespectful to not be straight with people.

      One thing that I keep coming back to is money. I think it’s interesting to trace the finances in situations like this. One thing we know is that until recently ARMLS was planning to pay for IMAPP throughout 2015 and into 2016. That must have been included in the budget. I can tell you things like a few cents a day and for the year it’s costing you about as much as a burrito at Chipotle or a couple of coffees at Starbuck. It doesn’t seem like much but with the number of member, it does add up. Where does that money go? Were your dues reduced? Did they change their budget? If they changed their budget, when did they do that? They couldn’t have done that until they knew that they would not be paying for IMAPP. Is the money going into a slush fund? A party? A junket? Golf? Funneled into some other product? Who really knows? The reason I ask is that we get beaten up over a few cents per member with every contract we do, every board cries fiscal responsibility, it’d be good to know just what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

  118. Andrew Turley

    As an appraiser I can say unequivocally that being forced to utilize the Monsoon Tax service will be a mess for all parties involved in the real estate transactions as the appraisal industry will have added layering of time to complete appraisals which only adds pressure to the markets and ultimately completing appraisals in a timely manner. This is myopic by ARMLS at best.

    And yes, they being ARMLS claimed that iMapp broke the contract.

  119. Madge Webster

    I was very disappointed to hear ARMLS say IMAPP had decided to terminate – and now find out that is not the case at all. IMAPP has accurate information, easy to use and understand. I did not like Realist and was glad to see it go away. Monsoon does not have the quality of information that IMAPP has or the accuracy. It offers glitz, which is very low on the scale of what is important.
    ARMLS, we pay dues and we should have a vote in this.

  120. Slavica Kaniski

    IMAPP system works great and I always use it.Please keep it for us, it is easy to use tool that provides the accurate info that we constantly need!. We have enough changes to keep up with….docs, etc. …

  121. Drue Bates, SRA

    I emailed ARMLS when it was announced that iMapp would be dropped. It was surprising how indifferent ARMLS management was to our concerns. Drue Bates – ARMLS member for 26 years

  122. Chrissy Hempelman Associate Broker Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

    Please don’t drop Imap It is such a valuable and friendly tool to use My clients love it
    Do we not have a say as realtors on this?

    • Joe Q.


      I’m with you on this. I hate it when you are paying ARMLS for service only to find ARMLS deciding what is or isn’t important to us. I think they got their role identity wrong. The new technology is supposed to be in place to make us more productive and profitable. If everyone loves iMapp, why wouldn’t ARMLS (who incidentally works for us, not the other way around) remain partners with us on this?

  123. Vivianne Vallejo

    Hello, I also want to continue to use iMapps. Will you please send additional information on how we can continue service? Thank you.

  124. Janice Lawrence

    I support iMapp. The last time we were told it was going away….the number of agents that spoke up in support of iMapp had a work around and then all of a sudden it was available again. This seems very similar to what is happening again. As a realtor using the tools of iMapp everyday and an agent paying my dues to ARMLS, I should be allowed a voice/vote on what I prefer to use.

    MY vote and the vote of my husband who is also a realtor-iMapp gets both of our votes.

    I have been to two trainings on Monsoon already-I have tried using it…..I vote iMapp.
    Realtors want information with a click at our fingertips – iMapp is the fastest and most comprehensive “quick” tool to use. There are other tools, Cloud CMA and RPR if you want to expand on the information for CMA’s.

    iMapp for the everyday use for Realtor’s for quick evaluations search for value, foreclosure’s, tax information ect….

    Is there someone who is leading “KEEP iMapp?” If so, please contact me I can rally support from my office and email and talk to others for support. What do we need to do to be heard……

  125. Andre Aubut

    Jeff – ARMLS is claiming that you are offering a different version of iMapp from what currently use. Is this true?

    ‘ iMapp going away is because the company in Florida that we’ve done business with for 10 years no longer has a license, the company in Minnesota (PropertyKey), their proposal for a product called “iMapp tax system by PropertyKey” was declined. Some want it to seem like an apples to apples change but it wouldn’t have been.’

    ‘ The company in Florida called iMapp corp can no longer provide the iMapp service you use. A third party company called PropertyKey offered a proposal for a version of the iMapp product that was declined for many good reasons.’

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      PropertyKey is now and always has been the sole developer of the IMAPP product. We run the servers, we program the software, we do all of the data work and have done so for the ARMLS contract since day one. Period. No company other than PropertyKey has had access to the servers, no one else has written a line of code and no one else has updated the data on the server. The only thing PropertyKey has not been responsible for since day one is the sales, support & marketing. Originally, iMapp provided those portions, then for a period CRS Data took over those responsibilities. When the CRS Data contract with iMapp ended, PropertyKey took over support as well. That started in August of 2014, since then we have been supporting the contract from top to bottom on a day to day basis. All that apparently without anybody noticing. That’s not to say that nothing would change, though. Healthy software products evolve, new versions get released from time to time. We’re starting to schedule updates to roll out in March in boards across the country and we have plans for more refinements throughout the year. We’ve been collecting feedback for a while now and we hear what most people want is quick, easy access to the data and that data is the core of the product. In fact, the most common response we saw in surveys was that people like things the way that they are. We’ve taken that to heart so we’re planning to freshen up the look, streamline some features, improve support for tablet users, while keeping the core experience intact.

      As you can tell from those last few sentences, it has been an interesting journey the last couple of years, we’re just trying to streamline and focus on making a good product great and we think we can do that and more.

  126. Sue Holloway

    FROM THE ARMLS FACEBOOK PAGE : POSTED BY ARLMLS: Good afternoon Subscribers, we have an update on iMapp. The iMapp tax system used by our Subscribers is provided via the iMapp Corporation in Florida and our agreement with them is ending early as we’ve alerted Subscribers previously. A third party company based in Minnesota called PropertyKey has contracted with some other MLSs who were facing the same termination for a product called “iMapp System Powered by PropertyKey”. We have been in contact with that third party and they’ve provided a proposal. A full evaluation of the PropertyKey offering was launched. During this process there was a fair amount of speculation, rumor, and inaccurate information that caused some confusion. At the conclusion of this evaluation ARMLS has declined the proposal from PropertyKey for various reasons.
    WHAT ARE THE VARIOUS REASONS??????????? DID ARMLS NEGOTIATE WITH PROPERTY KEY? Why can’t we have 2 tax options? We had 3 in the past. If not, can the subscribers vote on which one to keep? I vote to keep Imapp.

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      Forgive the length, here’s the book length version of our side:

      IMAPP (the product) has always been provided as a partnership between a company named iMapp and PropertyKey. The IMAPP product is being used by over 100,000 agents nationwide, and is continuing to prosper and grow, as it has for quite some time, including signing a number of extensions with MLS associations throughout the country in the past few months. We are committed to continuing to improve and expand the IMAPP product, and would very much like to continue to provide the product to all existing customers.

      While it’s not the simplest situation, it is not as complex as it seems, and unfortunately what it does do is give some the opportunity to pick and choose facts in order to fit the narrative they’d want to portray. Let me assure you that PropertyKey has been working on IMAPP since day one. With ARMLS, in particular, PropertyKey was present at initial product presentations before the first contract was signed back in 2006, we were asked several questions by the MLS during the initial contract negotiations, and we have played a critical role in all of the behind the scenes work that it takes to keep the IMAPP service running. More or less, all we’ve asked for in the past in our name in the small print at the bottom of your IMAPP page, where’s it been since day one. Because of strategic decisions by iMapp (the company), last summer PropertyKey took over sole responsibility for servicing the existing contracts for the IMAPP product nationwide and have been the sole provider of the IMAPP service over the last several months. Whether you knew it or not, we’re the ones who have been providing the IMAPP service top to bottom since last summer. In fact, PropertyKey has been the only constant in the day-to-day servicing of the product in the 8 years it has been available to realtors in Arizona.

      With over a year left on the contract for IMAPP, we could certainly continue to service the contract as we have over the last several years, but to us it made sense to attempt to simplify the legal relationship between the MLS boards and the company actually providing the product. The idea is that with PropertyKey as the name on the contract, we would be better able to communicate directly with the boards and will be more directly responsible for everything included in the contract than when we dealt with iMapp as a middleman. Also, by cutting out the middle-man, it frees up more resources that we can use to invest in and improve the product. As we’ve alluded to elsewhere, this isn’t a get-rich-quick industry and we’re not a big company so every dollar counts.

      We have been communicating with existing iMapp clients throughout the country about implementing these contractual changes starting in the summer of 2014 and the boards have overwhelmingly agreed to the approach. We broached the subject with ARMLS in August and representatives met with Matt Consalvo in New Orleans in November and to the best of my knowledge we had no indication that ARMLS would treat it any differently than any of the other boards that we have gone through the same process with. In effect, the process is to cancel the existing contract and sign a new contract under substantially the same terms with different party names. That may sound familiar. Well, half of that may sound familiar, the other half maybe you haven’t heard yet. Logically, it doesn’t make sense from our perspective to do one without feeling confident the other will soon follow.

      Despite repeated delays by ARMLS in the intervening months, we had no reason to suspect any problems until we were made aware of the email posted to Vendor Alley, the same one that I’m sure most if not all of you received. Many of the “facts” coming out of those official ARMLS communications are as much a surprise to us as they are to all of you. iMapp is not going out of business and PropertyKey is not some johnny-come-lately company. Since that email, we again had to deal with delays, low-ball offers, then finally acknowledgement that ARMLS was not interested in a continued relationship, which came on Monday.

      Long story short, we’re not in charge of making this decision, ARMLS can make whatever decision they want. In fact, they should be thrilled to get the chance to make a decision. If they want out, they could use this an opportunity & put all their eggs in the Monsoon basket now that Realist is gone as well. If they wanted to stay in, they have the option to stay in, nothing would change other than a name on a contract. They’ve made their choice. All we can do is assure people that we’re here, we have an open offer to ARMLS to continue to provide IMAPP under the same terms for whatever length requested, and we are very much interested in continuing to offer our product in Arizona if it is even remotely financially feasible for us to do so.

  127. Robert Royer

    IMAPP is an outstanding product and excellent tool for our real estate business. It is far superior to Monsoon, in that it is extremely user-friendly, providing professional-quality market and tax data with speed and accuracy. IMAPP’s ease of use, and the convenience it offers us can not be overstated! It is very disconcerting to dues-paying members to receive written notice from ARMLS that appears to be intended to mislead us into believing that IMAPP was either going out of business, or that IMAPP was the party electing to terminate the current contract with ARMLS early. What accountability does ARMLS leadership have to the membership if it is determined that they have intentionally given us false information regarding the true status of IMAPP?

    Please do not terminate the IMAPP service! It is an important tool for our daily business, and helps us provide timely, accurate, and professional service to the public.

  128. Michael Spencer

    Armls getting rid of the client that many of us love to use, Imapp is simple and easy, its simple, keep Imapp. Armls where is your integrity to us, you want to make it simple, put a pole for all of the member to vote on, what back door deal was being made, maybe we should have a news organization look at this. Simple is better, Monsoon is like a Mini MLS, don’t we have that already. Let us chose as professionals.

  129. Bob Neuzil

    Tuesday, February 17th from 9 – 11:00 am at SEVRAR, Matt Cansalvo, ARMLS CEO is going to be part of the ‘Broker Connection’ series. Maybe we should all go and ask him DIRECTLY what gives.
    I think this is the link to register:

  130. Koon Wong

    IMAPP is easy to use and offers many functions, please don’t take it away.

  131. Rebecca Garcia

    I do NOT like Monsoon for what I use the tax system for. I use IMAPP EVERYDAY and it is vital to my business. It is streamlined and much quicker for me to get to the data that I need. If I am forced to switch to Monsoon it will add hours of work to my day. I want to know why ARMLS would tell us that it was IMAPP’s choice to stop the service and that they were going out of business when that CLEARLY does not seem to be the case. This is an integrity issue and should bother the members if we are not getting the truth.

  132. Mike Cave

    I use IMAPP daily and rely on its ease of use to get the data I need quickly. ARMLS did this last year and I wish they would listen to their users needs. I don’t want ARMLS to take away this useful tool.

  133. Amy Powers

    I prefer IMapp and will ask my brokerage to buy the service. However, if it is not connected to Flexmls under the current convenient tab, it will make our work less efficient. Mediation for ARMLS and IMapp may help clear what seems like a misunderstanding.

  134. John T. Marino, Jr.

    My understanding was that either IMAPP was going out of business or that the contract period was over. Apparently neither is factually accurate from statements I am reading this morning if they are true. I request that the leaders of our Board of Realtors furnish an in depth and accurate statement to all members of our MLS of all the FACTS.
    I use IMAPP every day for several hours and find it very useful
    Many years ago in the San Diego area I served as a member of the MLS committee for one year, chaired the committee for two years, chaired the Professional Standards Committee for one year, served on the Board of Directors for several years, served as Secretary for one year, Second Vice president for one year, President for one year and Past President for one year. I also served as a State Director for a number of years and a National Director for one year. The name of the Board was the South San Diego Bay Cities Board of Realtors. The name now is the Pacific Southwest Board of Realtors if I am correct.
    The trust of our members was paramount. There appears to be a conflict between what the current leadership is telling us and what IMAPP is telling us. This conflict MUST be resolved. What is the simple, unvarnished truth?

  135. LaDonna Underwood

    I would love to see IMAPP stay, so user friendly and most importantly can get a quick accurate report. I don’t need another system that acts like another MLS, just need accurate comps at my fingertips.

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      Thanks for your support LaDonna. As part of the months-long negotiations, one of the topics that was discussed was product changes. I think that your comment hits at a lot of what I feel ARMLS was missing, and that’s the fact that two products might use pretty much the same data but are meant for difference audiences and do things a little different because of that. Turning us into Monsoon doesn’t make sense & neither does thinking one product (Monsoon) fits all needs. Our position is that for a couple of cents per member per day, it’s worth it to offer two products and let the agents and appraisers pick the one that works best for them.

  136. Pam Eagan

    I prefer IMAPP for its simplicity and want it to be available to me .

    Pam Eagan
    30 year ARMLS member.

    • Jeff Hoffmann


      First of all, as a resident of Eagan, MN, let me say “great name!”.

      Based on communications we are getting from ARMLS members such as yourself, the story they are telling members is that their hand was forced, that iMapp is going out of business, that they don’t know who PropertyKey is, that whatever we are trying to sell is different than what they’re getting. None of these are true and it seems like they are just throwing stuff out to deflect responsibility, hope that they don’t get called on it & weather whatever storm there is. For example, I personally have emails starting with Mary Toberman way back in 2007. In more recent years, emails from people like Austin Drew. As a long time member, you’re probably familiar with Mary’s name, more recent people I’m sure are familiar with Austin. For not knowing who PropertyKey is, people certainly seem to have a short memory.

      From our perspective, we feel that we’ve been very open about what’s going on. I had the chance to talk to many of you personally at our booth at NAR in New Orleans back in November, a lot of you echoing the same opinions on Monsoon that I’m seeing here. We feel like we’ve had a long history serving REALTORs in the Phoenix area, and I think it’s a shame to see that end the way it seems to be heading.

  137. Robin Hollingsworth

    I like IMAPP and do not want ARMLS to drop it!!

  138. Darrin Fox

    I like the features and simplicity of iMapp and would like to have the choice to continue with your services. .

  139. Joyce Watkins

    Very disappointed IMAPP is no longer going to be integrated in ARMLS. Even more disappointed ARMLS appears unresponsive to their clients.

  140. Scott McCormick

    Please continue with the IMAPP service. It is invaluable to appraisers and realtors alike, user friendly and very up to date with all necessary data. Thank you.

  141. TOM PARIS

    We also heard that Imapp was the one that was Opting out of Continuing?
    I use it all the time & would like to have the option of keeping it even if I have to pay a small amount for it’s use.
    It seems that every time we get used to a product that WORKS VERY WELL, they for some reason Discontinue it.
    I know things change & get updated, but this seems to happen all the time with ARMLS.
    i am going to a Monsoon class I guess :( to see what it’s all about.
    Please keep us informed on any Options to keep it somehow.

  142. scott dale

    I support IMAPP and hope to continue to be able to use your service in helping me help my customers in my business.

  143. Dee Righi

    I like IMAPP and do not want ARMLS to drop it!!

  144. Jan Eaton

    We were told IMAPP made the decision to leave ARMLS & do so early.
    Say it isn’t so…Many of signed petitions when Realist came & is now gone.
    Jan Eaton

  145. Olga Griffin

    I would like to continue using IMapp

  146. craig chapman

    Help. Appraisers can not do their job with the data in Monsoon. We need I Mapp. Monsoon does not have the maps, plat maps, aerial photos, pictometry, zoom features we need to do our job. I Map wants to continue, Appraisers want you to continue to provide this service. As a REALTOR, I also use this info in my work. Your service will be less valuable w/o I Mapp. Please do not be stubborn. You can change this to everyones’ benefit. Let’s get this negotiated before many who really need I mapp loose this great service. thanks

  147. Jaime Morales

    I’d like to continue to use IMAPP. How much would it cost? and how do I sign up once it’s no longer part of ARMLS.
    Jaime Morales, Homesmart
    (602) 621-5362

  148. Kim Durell

    I am a Certified Residential Appraiser also FHA(14-Yrs) and a (15-Yr)Licensed Realtor.
    I use IMapp daily for every house I Appraise and every Comparable I research, it is an extremely valuable tool in my daily work. I use IMapp and pull up approximately a hundred or so homes daily using IMapp for Building Sketches, Plat Maps,Tax data, I will be lost with-out it. It is as important to me as ARMLS to do my Job. I can not believe that they are not going to continue to keep this for working professionals who pay for this service.

  149. Peter

    ARMLS told us that IMAPP was going out of business. So whats the deal here? Did ARMLS lie to its members?

  150. Ahleyah Aberer

    I do not understand why Imap is going away and I would most definitely prefer that we keep it.

  151. Doug Underwood

    I hate monsoon and really do not want to be forced to use an inferior product after getting used to such a great website. As an appraiser I try to be as efficient as possible. Monsoon is a poorly designed website. I emailed ARMLS as soon as I found out about them discontinuing the use of IMAPP and they said it was not them cancelling the service, but rather IMAPP. Now that I know that ARMLS is the one cancelling I will be following up with them. It is almost guaranteed they are trying to save money at the expense of its users and forcing us to use Monsoon.

    • Bob Neuzil

      I completely agree with you. Being a real estate broker I want ACCURATE information NOW and don’t like having to set up a system that gives misleading information and a bunch of other useless information. It seems we have been saddled with this Monsoon crap because it was “created by local realtors for realtors” (or some such marketing bs like that. May not be the exact quote in the letter I got from them several months ago, but something to that effect).

      • Andre Aubut

        I believe Monsoon is owned by ARMLS.

  152. Roger Hibline

    Please keep imapp, it’s a great product and nice have 2 choices

  153. Yay iMapp!

    Clearly your message has hit home since ARMLS has made sure all three of your links are broken – the new addresses for the pages (for right now) are here.

    [Feel free to remove this comment after you have made the changes if you so desire.]

    • Jeff Hoffmann

      Thanks for letting us know. I just copied and pasted those links from some other information we were sending out without double-checking. The links should be correct now.

  154. John Saggio


  155. Dan Dague

    Please do not terminate the service with Imapp. This tool is invaluable and a real time-saver when I need to do research for my real estate business.

  156. Michael Spencer

    Imapp is what we want, it’s professional and user friendly, give it back to us, you did this last years, home many agents are dependent upon us appraisers for your home sales, make our work easier.

  157. Bob Neuzil

    Interesting. We were told the YOU guys were “exercising your right to terminate the contract early”. Makes me wonder how much of an “inside job” this new Monsoon system really is. Now I have one more thing to have to try to deal with. ARMLS…gotta love em.

    • Trisha Morrison

      Completely inside job and conflict of interest as well. My clients steer away from companies like this but we’re forced to succumb to it. Why should we be forced to pay for an add-on. Imapp is easy. Monsoon is inaccurate and complicated.

      • Linda Mitchell

        Monsoon is a PAIN !!! I don’t understand why we can’t keep both until the end of the year. It has already been paid for by the people who use it until then. That would give a chance for Realtors to adapt & ARMLS a chance to get the kinks out of their new program. It definitely is not user friendly . I feel ARMLS is just chasing the bucks for themselves at the cost of people they should be assisting to make their jobs less time consuming & more accurate.

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