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Evaluate opportunities with confidence with accurate property information and real estate data

As an investor in real estate, access industry insider level property details, to make the most of your next real estate investment opportunity.

This product is great for researching and finding deals with:

  • Single-Family Rentals
  • Multi-Family Rentals
  • Wholesaling
  • Fix-and-Flip
    • Repair and Update
    • Hold and Sell
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts - REIT
  • Real Estate Investment Groups - REIG
  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships - RELP

Competitive Advantages for Investors

Powerful Prospecting Searches

Property Key Icons (1)Research many markets including; unoccupied homes, non-owner-occupied properties, out-of-state owners, delinquent tax data, foreclosures, high rate mortgages, inherited properties, and intrafamily transfers.

Identify 1031 Exchange Opportunities

3-1Search specific areas with your own criteria for "like-kind" properties to find a 1031 Exchange opportunity. 

Instant CMA tool

4-1One-click comparables reports based on all sales activities – Using our most timely and complete set of "comps" data to calculate best value estimates to determine a property's worth. Fully customizable.

Mortgage and AVM

8-1Access mortgage details, equity amounts, and property value estimates. Review mortgage and refinance details for all properties, including term, rates, type, lender, and estimated balance. 

Complete Property Details

Property Key Icons (1) copyMore detailed building, ownership, and mortgage data.  The most accurate property data, double-checked from multiple sources and updated frequently.

"Our users can't believe the system is so great.
PropertyKey responds quickly and well to every request.
They are a pleasure to work with."

- VP, Local REALTOR® Association

Your property information advantage!


iMapp provides high-quality property information in one database. Search the most current and accurate real estate data to find your next residential or commercial investment.

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Detailed real estate data at your fingertips

iMapp integrates local county and city data including property boundary maps, property records data, area demographics, aerials, mortgage and deed recordings, unoccupied and non-owner occupied homes, and foreclosure information. 

Search our database with any of these combination and find new opportunities.

Gain insights into investments

Instantly generate CMAs and value estimates.The one click Property Valuation Comparables Report automatically calculates suggested sale prices for property opportunities, using detailed map-based MLS and non-MLS sales and property data.