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iMapp Tutorials

PropertyKey provides a series of Tutorial Videos,  addressing all facets of iMapp functionality and advanced usage. No one provides more comprehensive or detailed training than the folks who built it.

These videos are arranged into three central topics:

  1. iMapp Property Reports

  2. Using the Comparable Property Tool in iMapp

  3. iMapp Search Screens, Prospecting and Direct Marketing



iMapp Property Reports

The core of iMapp is its Property Reports, detailing many aspects of data about a property in one unified location. 

In this video, you can learn about these Property reports, verifying data from them, and taking actions from them such as generating neighborhood prospecting lists.  iMapp Property Reports are packed with owner, parcel, assessor and sales/mortgage information, and there is a lot of ground to cover here. 

Not only will you experience Property Reports, but you will also become familiar with some of the underlying data and approach concepts of how that data can be used in powerful prospecting searches.



Using the Comparable Property Tool in iMapp

The Comparable Property Tools is one of the most valuable and popular aspects of iMapp, relied on by tens of thousands of Real Estate Professionals to create an accurate estimate of the value of any property. 

In this video, you will see how to use this tool as a quick and simple estimating tool using comparable properties, evaluating those comparables based on many factors. You will learn how to compare and evaluate comparables properties and how to adjust criteria for which comparables properties to include exactly what you need in your reports. These can be customized based on geographic areas, time frames, MLS State, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Building Size, Lot Size, Property Type, Waterfront and more.

You will learn how to dial those settings in to create a precise and accurate CMA valuation based on those factors and your knowledge of the market.



iMapp Search Screens, Prospecting and Direct Marketing 

The iMapp Search Interface is incredibly flexible and powerful, allowing Real Estate Professionals to dig into virtually any of our data to find properties and people that match their needs.

This video will address many popular prospecting options, including Circle Prospecting Real Estate, Map Prospecting, Searching for Property with Delinquent tax, Prospecting for Probate and Divorce leads, Searching for Cash Buyers, Looking for Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure, and much more! 

While we can not show you every type of search or know every facet of the voluminous data that you may be interested in, our goal is to give you the power to search that data in unlimited ways. This video will get you started and give you the tools and inspiration to dig deeper! 




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