Product Licensing

PropertyKey offers a product reseller license in which an organization licenses our product for use in specific geographical area. PropertyKey provides the software and hardware, as well as data processing support to get the product off the ground. The Licensee works with us to customize the product, does marketing and sales, and supports the product with the end users.

Product Reseller partnerships often focus on marketing IRIS to a Real Estate Association or Broker, but they are not limited to any particular customer base. Some of the other customers include mortgage companies, appraisers, inspectors or anyone else involved in the real estate business.

Since data availability varies from region to region, each license agreement represents a unique business opportunity. Before proceeding with a product license we generate a market analysis for regions to determine the costs involved (primarily data licensing) and an estimate of the potential customer base.

Currently we have market analyses available for the following regions:

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Twin Cities, MN
If you are interested in product licensing and have a specific area in mind, please let us know & we can initiate a market analysis to determine viability.

Data Partnerships

We have also had partnerships with data providers that allow us to market their data in return for royalties from our users. This could include local government agencies, Real Estate Associations, data aggregators, and anyone with property-related information that users might be interested in.

In addition to these possibilites, we can also provide back-end property information services to your organization's property-related website. Imagine hosting this powerful property information solution on your real-estate focussed website and providing it seamlessly to your users. Drive additional revenues and get additional customers by expanding your website today.

These are just a few of the possible opportunities we could pursue together. Contact us to discuss these or other partnership ideas.