IMAPP’s Tax Mapping Suite Features

  • GIS interactive parcel mapping (where available), aerial photos, street mapping, core tax data, updated deeds, integrated MLS data and demographic data
  • Directly links from any web based MLS
  • Multiple search options including Tax & MLS
  • Map based searches using “polygons" for tax or MLS
  • Instant comparable analysis of sold properties including Non-MLS Sales
  • Auto Property Evaluator instantly calculates suggested sale price for subject property
  • Mailing label and farming features

Custom GIS Layers

  • Development Regional Impacts
  • FEMA (Flood zone layer with corresponding text data)
  • Future Land Use
  • Municipalities (displays city boundaries and city name on map)
  • Natural Reservation
  • Railroads
  • Rural Activity Centers
  • School Districts (excellent for searching specific districts for tax or MLS)
  • Streets Centerlines
  • Zip Code Boundaries (displays zip boundaries and zip codes on map)
  • Zoning (color codes properties with zone layer; color key provided also)
(when available from the County)

Premium Services

IMAPP understands that the individual needs of each Association or Regional MLS may vary due to market area needs. Each of our products may be customized to accommodate those differences. Some of our premium data services currently being used by our members include:
  • Deed & Mortgage Data Keyed on site with Weekly Updates
  • Links to Recorded Documents
  • Foreclosure Information
  • Specialized Regional Maps Topography and Flood Zones
  • Infrared Aerials