Our flagship product, IRIS, provides access to extensive property data
in a powerful and extremely easy to use interface.

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Powerful Interface to Extensive Data

All of our data is linked to the most detailed parcel maps and presented in attractive, professional, user friendly reports. We work closely with our customers to make sure the information they need is available and presented properly to help them meet their business need. ONLY IRIS can let you drill down to the most detailed segments of the data for your property research and market analysis, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

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Search for Data that You Need

The search interface provides more configurability and search possibilities than any other product on the market. Select from any number of interchangeable search fields and criteria. Use detailed map regions to custom-select your region to search within. Search for property record, MLS data, foreclosures, etc. Get access to the EXACT information you are looking for!

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Use Detailed Maps for Research and Analysis

IRIS utilizes accurate parcel maps, as well as many other configurable map layers like aerial photos and flood maps, to let you see and analyze your area of interest. By using this geographic basis for all of our information, you have the power to create accurate views of the area, visually display data to your customers, refine your data requests at a fine scale, generate and evaluate accurate Comparable Market Analysis and valuation reports. No one puts Real Estate on the Map like PropertyKey!

IRIS Feature Demonstration

Data Coverage

Commitment To Quality

The real key to the success of IRIS is our commitment to quality. We are always at the top of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction! We use the most detailed and up-to-date data available to make sure that our users are operating with the best information available. We also go out of our way to work with our customers to customize our product to their needs and expectations.

We realize that Real Estate is a complex industry with complex needs that vary between customers, specializations, industries, and regions. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the information that you need how you need it.