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iMapp now includes a new ‘All Address Download’ option

One of the most popular uses of iMapp is to create mailings for prospecting. This can be done by selecting a geographic region or other specified searches. When that list has been created, users have always been able to download or create mailing lists for the Owners Address or the main Property Address. This functionality has worked great for times when the user is trying to reach the owner or the primary occupant, but leaves out one big gap…

What about if there are multiple residences on a parcel?

PropertyKey is answering this question in Florida with its new All Address options. After any search, an iMapp user can choose to select “All Addresses” to create mailing labels or download data for each address within the selection. Have you searched for a duplex? You’ll now get both addresses. An Apartment Building? You’ll get a mailable address for each unit. A commercial office or retail location? You’ll get addresses for all the suites and offices within the parcel. We’ve even included an option to filter out vacant units in any of those buildings, to save you unnecessary printing and postage expenses.

This “All Addresses” option is a big step forward, as real estate professionals can prospect for potential buyers from among all the possible deliverable addresses in their searches. So an agent who just helped a client move from renting in an apartment building to buying a Single Family Home can now send a mailing to all of the other residents at that same apartment and offer to help them do the same.

An agent with a condo to sell can approach nearby renters who might be looking to move up to something more stable. Commercial agents representing a new retail center could contact all the nearby businesses to see if they are interested in moving somewhere new. Rental agents and managers can hunt for new prospects.

No matter your market, iMapp is here to help you build your brand, make new connections, and build on your successes.

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