Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, the log in will be the same User Name and Password you use to log in to your MLS or CIE. In some instances, the board will create a specific password for members, which can be obtained by contacting your board. For individual subscribers, User Name and Password information will be provided by IRIS. If you need assistance, you can contact us as described above. Please keep in mind that our Support Technicians are here to assist and direct you, but cannot give out specific Password information.

I entered in my User Name and Password to log in, but I got an 'INVALID USER NAME OR PASSWORD PROVIDED' message

In most instances, it may be a matter of case-sensitivity. Try re-typing in the User Name and Password information in lower case and then log in. If your MLS password changed, use the old password for 24 hours until our servers are updated overnight.

It may take from 2 to 24 hours for us to receive any password changes from the MLS. If you cannot log in with your new password, enter your previous password until the next business day.

The system is not a public site, and is therefore password protected. The program does have a feature that will 'remember' your profile and will allow you to access without having to sign in with a User Name and Password.

On the sign in screen, look for the 'Save Login Information' option and select it. This feature will place 'cookies' on your computer to help our system recognize your profile and automatically log you in. In order for this feature to work properly, you will need to make sure that you have set your Internet Options to 'Allow Cookies'. To do this, open your Internet Browser. Open up 'Tools', and then select 'Internet Options' Look for the 'Privacy' tab, and then select the 'Sites' button. Then, enter in the URL address for the IRIS site into the line for 'Address of website'. Click on the 'Allow' button. Now your computer will be configured to allow cookies from IRIS.

The best way to deal with these issues is to enable pop-up blockers and make IRIS a trusted site in within your Internet Options. To enable pop-up blockers, follow the same steps as detailed in the previous question. When you get to the 'Privacy' tab, look for the section title 'Pop-up Blocker'. Then click on the 'Settings' button. Enter in the URL address for the IRIS site in the 'Address of website to allow:' field.

This will enable pop-up blockers, which may interfere with linking out to our program from an MLS, or with the Mail Label and Download features.

To make the IRIS program a trusted site, from Internet Options look for the 'Security' tab and select. Click on the icon for 'Trusted Sites', and then click on the 'Sites' button.

Enter in the URL address for IRIS into the field titled 'Add this website to the zone' and then select the 'Add' button.

Note You may also need to check the settings for your personal computer firewall (such as Norton or Verizon). In most cases, the firewall will request whether or not to allow the site to be accessed from the internet. Contact the support for your Internet Firewall provider for more details.

Also, if you work in an office environment from a network, you might need to contact your System Administrator in order for your computer to be configured to allow access to our site.

The IRIS system is best viewed if your Screen Resolution is set to 1064 x 768. In order to do this (may vary by operating system), go to your desktop and left click on a blank portion of the screen so that a menu appears.

Left click on the 'Properties' option. Then locate the 'Settings' tab and select. Locate the section titled Screen Resolution and move the scroll bar to display '1024 x 768'.

Select the 'Apply' button. If necessary, shut down and reopen your computer. Log in to the IRIS system and search for a tax record. The map should now appear.

In some cases, the map may not appear due to the internet browser you are using. Firefox, for example, may need to be configured to allow a map view. In this case, first make sure you have upgraded to the most current version of Firefox. Open up Firefox, select 'File' then 'Page Setup' and from this tab make sure the 'Print Background' option is selected.

The problem is most likely due to the default DPI setting having been changed to your computer. To correct this, start by right clicking in a blank area on your desktop so that the menu appears with the 'Properties' option displayed. Left click on 'Properties, and then select the 'Settings' tab. Locate the button titled 'Advanced' and left click on it.Then locate the drop down options for selecting DPI setting. Choose the option for 'Normal size (96 DPI)' and click 'Ok'.

If you are using Vista, from the Start menu click on 'Control Panel'. Then Type 'Adjust Font Size' in the search box. This will take you directly to the link for the DPI Scaling. Click on 96 DPI.

In this instance, the link to IRIS is working properly. However, the information entered about the property in the MLS may contain erroneous data that is preventing our system from finding a match.

Also, it is possible that the listing you are linking out from is for a county that is not included per the board contract for tax data for IRIS to provide. The 'Search Area' drop down list on the Tax Search page in IRIS will display the county coverage for your board

On the Tax Record page, there are options to select the type of map to display in the section titled 'Map Zoom' or 'Map Settings'. Locate the drop down below the radio buttons in the 'Map Settings' section, and select the option to view 'Parcel/Property Type'.

In some areas, GIS parcel maps are not available. If this is the case, only the 'Street Map' option will be available.

First, make sure that you have selected the correct search area. On the Tax Search page, locate the 'Search Area' drop down list above the search map, and select the county in which you wish to conduct your search.

You may also want to limit the amount of data you enter in the Search Value field. The system has open ended query capability, so you can input partial entries. For example, if you cannot locate a match when searching for a property street address, you might want to input a partial entry, such as '100 Main' instead of '100 Main Street'.

If you are performing a subdivision search, keep in mind that you have the option of performing either a 'Subdivision (input)' search or a 'Subdivision (select)' search.

Locate either the row for Subdivision (input) or Subdivision (select) on the Tax Search page. If you have tried a Subdivision (input) search, and found no results, simply go to the right of the Subdivision (input) field and left click on the drop down arrow. A list of fields will appear, and then you can left click on the Subdivision (select) option.

To the right of Subdivision (select), leave the Search Type as 'equal to'. In the Search Value field, you will see a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down and a list of alphabetical entries will appear. Click on the entry range where the subdivision name you are searching for would be listed alphabetically.

A list of subdivisions will appear. Scroll through the list, and locate the subdivision name for your search. Then click on the 'Perform Search' button.

Please refer to the Tax Search section of the User Guide for additional information on how to format searches.

The mailing label feature exports the label information to an Acrobat reader format, which is free software that can be downloaded to your computer.If you do not have the Acrobat reader, you can download the software from the following site:

You may also need to enable pop-up blockers on your computer, covered in a previous section of the FAQ.

The margins selected from our program are formatted to the Avery label standard. In most cases, if you have an issue with the position of the text on the mailing labels, some adjustments in Acrobat will correct the problem.

In Acrobat, click on the print icon and make the following adjustments Page Scaling: Set to None. Uncheck: Auto Rotate and Center. Uncheck: Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size

If you find you still need to make adjustments, see the section in the User Guide on Creating Mailing Labels on the topic of Fine Tune Page Positioning.

Area or type Group or Association Size Download Link
All Areas MLS Statistics 0.47 M Download
All Areas Quick Start Guide 4.7 M Download
Arizona Arizona 1.35 M Download
North Carolina Jacksonville (JBOR) 1.70 M Download
North Carolina WRAR 1.62 M Download
Florida SCAR/MAAR 1.50 M Download
Florida CCAR 1.22 M Download
Virginia Central Virginia MLS (CVRMLS) 1.31 M Download
Florida DGLBOR 1.42 M Download
Florida FGCAR 2.28 M Download
Foreclosures Foreclosures 0.71 M Download
Area or type Group or Association Size Download Link
Florida GACAR 1.48 M Download
Florida Hernando County Area Regional (HCAR) 1.31 M Download
Alabama Birmingham BAR 1.58 M Download
Florida Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 1.41 M Download
Florida MARCO 1.34 M Download
Florida MIAMI (SEF) 1.40 M Download
Florida My Florida Regional MLS (MFR) 1.18 M Download
Florida RAMC 1.72 M Download
Florida TBR 1.52 M Download
Washington Tri City Association of REALTORSĀ® 1.80 M Download

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IMAPP training classes are held at our members local REALTORĀ® Association Offices. Training Dates vary per Association and some require pre-registration, please contact your Local REALTORĀ® Association for more information.
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Space Coast Association of REALTORS® Inc (321) 452-9490 Visit Their Web Site
Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® (850) 224-7713 Visit Their Web Site
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