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Unlocking the insights that power your business growth.

With over thirty years of delivering GIS and Real Estate tax, public record, property valuation prospecting, and marketing insights with unparalleled integration and visualization for all segments of the Real Estate Industry, PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides the most current, accurate and in-depth information within a single source. Helping real estate professionals increase market and property knowledge, find more leads and close more deals.

The PropertyKey Difference

Accurate, Comprehensive, and Trusted. The depth and extent of verified tax and public record information that comes directly from the source is integrated with real estate listing detail in one place sets us apart from other data and tool providers. Data sets include building permits, code violations rental data, and short-term rental information not found in other providers’ data.

Combine our state-of-the-art interactive 3D mapping and visualization with an easy-to-use search engine and the result is a single tool that provides complete property transparency – local records, insights, and direct contact details.

Who We Serve

MLS Board and Associations PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform offers the most accurate and current information, with interactive mapping, customized for your MLS Board or Association members and seamlessly integrates with your other tools. We have relationships with numerous Boards and Associations and support thousands of their members daily.
Real Estate Professionals Property insights for Realtor, Investors, Brokers, Appraisers, or other industry professionals that will improve your market analysis capabilities and streamline the due diligence process so that you can make better-informed recommendations and more.
Commercial Real Estate Drive efficiency and productivity in day-to-day operations with the IMAPP platform. Conduct comprehensive research, targeted property searches, perform accurate market analysis, visualize data spatially, generate professional reports, and make more informed decisions with the use of one tool that centralizes it all.
Mortgage Lenders and Loan Originators Access tax records, public records, and property listing information all in one place, which improves operational efficiency and increases productivity. You can conduct more comprehensive property searches, analysis and mitigate the risk of last-minute discovery, enabling better customer service.
Title Companies Streamline your title search process and conduct comprehensive due diligence and property analysis that helps ensure no surprises at closing time.
County and City Governments Access to comprehensive property data to understand market health and make informed policy and development decisions
Home Services Contractors Generate targeted leads, stay informed about market trends, identify renovation opportunities, and collaborate effectively with other industry professionals to help grow your business.


  • Data That Gives You a Competitive Edge

    Get next level integrated tax and property details with contact information that helps you save time and make the most informed decision possible. Whether you’re and Agent, Broker, Investor, Wholesaler, Landlord, Buy and Hold Investor, or Flipper we have the information that enhances your property knowledge, property comparison and valuations, deal evaluation and prospecting needs.

  • Simplified Process

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform consolidates hundreds of property tax and public record details with real estate listing information into a simple and easy to understand single profile.

  • Visualization

    Our 3D interactive mapping solution allows you to visualize and search accurate parcel boundaries, aerial photos, real estate listing information, foreclosures, FEMA flood maps and thematic layers and more.

  • Knowledgeable Customer Support

    Our experts provide the details that assists you from getting started, to conducting basic research and evaluations, or marketing campaigns with our library of videos, best practices and detailed help tools.

  • Cost-Effective

    Save time and be more productive with our easy to use all in one platform. Eliminate rework, multiple tools and searches with data that you can trust is accurate and comprehensive.

Our primary goal is to provide a single source for all your real estate data needs. Providing an easy-to-use platform that delivers the most comprehensive and accurate integrated tax, public record, and real estate property detail with state-of-the-art visualization in one place for any industry segment. Helping to enhance property, and market expertise, provide all available contact information and support more robust prospecting and marketing efforts, resulting in more deal opportunities, closed sales and increased revenue. Bill Antoskiewicz, President & CEO, Inc.

Product and Company News

  • Commercial Real Estate
    Data Collection Productivity and Improved Decision-making with IMAPP

    Increase productivity and elevate your decision making with the IMAPP is a platform.  IMAPP consolidates public tax and real estate property information in one place and is designed for commercial real estate professionals, helping to save time, make informed decisions, and enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness. Key features and benefits of IMAPP for Commercial Real […]

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  • County and City Governments
    Increase Productivity and Awareness with IMAPP’s Comprehensive Property Information

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform houses property assessment, public record, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing information from across multiple jurisdictions into a single easy to search and view system that can offer significant benefits to a county, city, or municipality. Such as: Centralized Data Source: The platform would provide a single point […]

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  • County and City Governments
    Support your Planning and Economic Development Office and Initiatives with IMAPP

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform houses property assessment, public record, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing information from across multiple jurisdictions into a single easy to search and view system that can offer significant benefits to a county, city, or municipality.  Such as: Zoning and Land Use Analysis: Planners could use the platform […]

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  • Mortgage Lenders and Loan Originators
    On single source of Property Tax and Real Estate Information in one spot

    A mortgage lender during a home sale needs certain tax, public record, and permit information to ensure that the property is a viable collateral for the loan and that there are no significant risks associated with the transaction. PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform is your single source for this kind of detail.  The type of property tax […]

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