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Who We Serve

PropertyKey's IMAPP platform is designed to meet the needs of professionals in all industry segments. You get access to the ultimate in property details, valuation, prospecting specifics, and marketing information integrated in one place.

PropertyKey’s IMAPP is your one stop solution to driving productivity and accelerating growth no matter what Real Estate Industry segment you are in. Utilize the power of IMAPP’s profiles, mapping, and reporting tools to help build your market and property knowledge, do comparative analysis, and gain access to rich contact information to support your business growth, prospecting and marketing goals.

  • MLS Boards and Associations

    Today PropertyKey works with many Boards and Associations, serving over 140,000 of their members through their use of the IMAPP platform. Members generate millions of page views with their searches, download tens of thousands of reports, and millions of contacts and addresses for marketing programs and mailing labels. Learn how we can help your members benefit from including the IMAPP platform in your suite of tools.

  • Real Estate Professionals

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP Platform integrates tax, public record, permits, code violation data with Property Information to help streamline the due diligence process, identify investment opportunities, and improve market valuation and analysis capabilities. This integration makes it easy to provide valuable insights, make informed recommendations, and become establish as a trusted advisor.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Conduct comprehensive research, targeted property searches, perform accurate market analysis, visualize data spatially, generate professional reports, make informed decisions, and improve efficiency and productivity in day-to-day operations.

  • Mortgage Lenders and Loan Originators

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides mortgage lenders and loan originators with a comprehensive view of a property, its value, and general market conditions for easy analysis. The combination of tax and public record information with Real Estate listing data accessible in one tool is a real time saver and productivity driver.

  • Title Companies

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform equips title companies with a powerful tool to conduct thorough research, streamline processes, mitigate risks, and deliver high-quality client service.

  • County and City Governments

    Integrating public tax and regulatory record information from across jurisdictions with property listing data in one integrated platform can provide many benefits to state, county, and city governments. Such as sharing information across internal departments, doing property assessments, data to support policy decision-making, compliance management and tracking, and insights for improving public services. All this and more via easy-to-view profiles and robust mapping.

  • Home Service Contractors

    Overall, the combination of public tax, public record, and property information in the IMAPP platform empowers home contractors and service companies with valuable data and insights. It enhances the ability to target potential customers, make informed marketing decisions, reduce efforts to find potential clients, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.