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The PropertyKey Difference

No matter what your industry segment, we have the property information to fit your goals and objectives. Identify, engage, capture and convert more leads with our turn-key platform.

PropertyKey is continually striving to provide the most accurate, comprehensive real estate tax, public record and integrated property information to aid real estate professionals in their business and marketing strategies. Our IMAPP system takes the legwork out of property and market research. With just a few clicks you can have reliable, comprehensive and accurate data direct from the actual sources, viewable in an easy to read graphical display.

Comprehensive Data

PropertyKey gives you access to detailed information for more than 14 million property locations containing more than 241 million records and 10+ billion data attributes. No matter the intended use, data and visualization are key, particularly when the two are integrated together. Giving you an abundance of data in informational and visual formats to easily pinpoint your specific needs. PropertyKey gives you the ability to research many markets with access to detailed information such as:

  • Ownership and transaction history
  • Detailed direct contact information – email and phone
  • Pre-sale information
  • Property boundary maps
  • Full MLS listing database access
  • Detailed property building attribute, ownership, and sales history
  • Mortgages, high-rate mortgages
  • Unoccupied homes
  • Non-owner-occupied properties
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure information
  • Permit information
  • Deed information and recordings
  • Code violations
  • Assessment information
  • Delinquent tax information
  • Area demographics
  • Aerial photography and FEMA flood zones
  • Properties in tax-advantaged opportunity zones
  • Points of interest and community data
  • Property valuations – AVM
  • Equity estimates
  • Demographics

Powerful, Flexible, Easy to Use Search Interface

Search for prospective clients, properties or create a target marketing list using our customizable filters or user-drawn mapping tool to get JUST the targeted audience you desire. Visualize and search with our interactive maps with accurate parcel boundaries, ariel photos, MLS listings, foreclosures, FEMA flood maps, and other thematic layers.

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Accurate Comp to Evaluate Properties

Access to one-click comparable reports based on all market activities calculate best value estimates for determining a property’s worth.

Our filters and status attributes include:

Accurate and Up-to-Date Recordings

Real Estate related data and documentation is regulated, stored and managed by numerous government agencies. Collecting, collating, validating and correcting these records and merging them into one unified data library is a continual task and what sets us apart from others. Real Estate professionals have trusted PropertyKey IMAPP for years to have the intrinsic knowledge and perseverance to deliver comprehensive, unmatched data accuracy and up to date recordings. Our filters and status attributes include:

  • Ownership information
  • Property characteristics
  • Mortgage information
  • Sales history
  • Cash Buyers
  • MLS details
  • Foreclosure information
  • Tax information
  • Removal of inaccuracies – Double checking of data and correction of mis-keyed items.

Target Marketing and List Generator

Managing your lead lists can be time-consuming. Search for prospective clients or properties using our endlessly customizable data filters and user-drawn map regions to quickly engage with owners and generate investment-ready leads. Easily export data from your prospect, research or mailing lists. We have the most flexible and simple mailing label creation in the industry, with practically unlimited downloads. With our tools you can:

  • Create Lists
  • Manage Lists
  • Manage Contacts
  • Create Marketing Campaigns
  • Generate Emails
  • Powerful list stacking

Visualization and Analysis

PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform lets you visually see what a current market, neighborhood, or property looks like with our exceptional 3D mapping and visualization functionality. With an array of thematic maps and filters combined with your ability to overlay multiple data points, you can quickly identify opportunities and hot spots visually. Once you’ve identified your target areas and identified the right properties that meet your purchasing and investment objectives, you have research, reporting and marketing tools at your fingertips.

We do the leg work of gathering and integrating tax, public record, rental, and MLS property details into one single source.  Helping real estate, mortgage and title companies saves significant time and money wasted on data gathering, administrative tasks and avoiding any surprises that may delay or stop the closing process. Bill Antoskiewicz, President & CEO, Inc.