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Key in to the value of accurate property information and interactive maps

30 years of cutting-edge tools for real estate professionals now digging deeper than ever before into property data.

PropertyKey Tools

iMapp for MLS

The Perfect Property Information and Mapping Partner for your MLS platform.

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Your property information advantage!

PropertyKey provides high-quality property information in one database. Every Real Estate Professional can search the most current, accurate, and in-depth real estate data to get a headstart on their next deal.

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Detailed real estate data at your fingertips

Our tools integrate an unprecedented level of detailed property data, including public records for all properties, interactive parcel maps, owner contact info, mortgage and equity details, distressed properties, listing information and city licensing and permitting data.

Gain insights into your real estate market

Instantly calculate comparable valuation reports, using sold properties including non-MLS sales. The Comparables Property Evaluator feature automatically surveys the current market and calculates suggested sale price for real estate opportunities.