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PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides the data with visualization that meets the needs of all Real Estate Industry segments. Learn of the many ways IMAPP can help your business get to the next level.

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Utilize our Industry segment knowledge or application articles to learn how you can use the power of the data found in the IMAPP Platform.

  • Home Services Contractors
    Commercial Real Estate
    Supercharge your prospecting and Marketing Efforts with PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform.

    IMAPP’s robust data and mapping tool provides in-depth property details and reports, that includes properties that have been cited for code violations, have been issued building permits, are available for rent, and have recently sold or listed for sale. Access to IMAPP’s MLS robust property detail, and exclusive code violation, building permit and rental license […]

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  • County and City Governments
    IMAPP platform’s integrated public tax and property information platform can help County and City offices streamline data gathering and drive productivity increases

    PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform can provide numerous benefits to city and county offices by streamlining access to comprehensive and integrated property data and providing reporting and mapping visualization. Here are several ways in which the IMAPP platform can be advantageous: Centralized Data Source Integrated Property Data: IMAPP consolidates property assessment data, public records, Geographic Information System […]

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  • Real Estate Professionals
    Real Estate Agents elevate their prospecting and data collection productivity with the IMAPP Platform

    Increase productivity and elevate your data collection with the recently upgraded IMAPP platform. IMAPP consolidates public tax and real estate property information into one single easy to use platform and is designed for real estate professionals, helping to save time, make informed decisions, and enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness. IMAPP’s comprehensive property research functionality offers several […]

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  • MLS Board and Associations
    MLS’s provide Real Estate Agent Members with PropertyKey’s IMAPP Platform. Members benefit from increased productivity and effectiveness building their prospecting and marketing programs

    Many of the MLS’s in Florida, including the three largest provide their members with access to one of the most comprehensive integrated property tax, public record and property listing information in one easy to use platform in the market today. IMAPP’s comprehensive property research functionality offers several key benefits that can significantly help real estate […]

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