The Perfect Property Information Partner for your MLS platform

The iMapp system offers the most accurate and current data, with interactive mapping, customized for members of your MLS Board or Association.

The iMapp Advantage

The Most Accurate Property Data

Complete property building attributes, ownership, and sales history on all properties, including MLS Listed and non-MLS properties.

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Powerful, Flexible Search Interface

Search for prospective clients or properties using our endlessly customizable data filters and user-drawn map regions to get JUST the targeted audience you desire.

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Valuable Data Exporting and Mailing Labels

Easily export data from your prospect and research lists. The most flexible mailing label creation in the industry and practically unlimited downloads.

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Interactive Map-Based Information

Visualize and search with our interactive maps with accurate parcel boundaries, aerial photos, MLS listings, foreclosures, FEMA flood maps and thematic layers.

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Easy-to-Use Comparable Valuation tool

Accurate, timely "comps" valuation estimates, based on customizable match criteria, using MLS or non-MLS sold data.

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Customized to Meet the Needs of YOUR MLS Board

We provide the current data you need to ensure that essential, locally specific information is available to those who need it most, via our fast, platform-independent web service.

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More Features

Integrates with Any MLS

We Integrate our iMapp reports and search interface with ANY MLS vendor, using standard agent authentication for the highest security, and allowing you maximum flexibility in selecting tools for your members. Auto-populate our best-in-class property data into your listings and search your full listing database inside iMapp.

Complete Property Details

More detailed building, ownership, and mortgage data than leading competitors.  The most accurate property data, double-checked from multiple sources, and updated frequently to keep current on new buildings, subdivisions, property splits, and merges, ownership changes, and other deeds.

Save Time and Avoid Mistakes

By having the most accurate and timely data all at your fingertips, you can save time, learn more, and avoid mistakes...leading to more productivity and more impressed and satisfied clients.

Instant CMA Tool

One-click comparables reports based on all sales activities – using our most timely and complete set of "comps" data to calculate best value estimates for determining properties worth. Fully customizable and flexible matching criteria.

Powerful Prospecting Searches

Research many markets including; unoccupied homes, non-owner-occupied properties, foreign and out-of-state owners, delinquent tax data, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure auction data, high-rate mortgages, and quitclaim deeds to identify recently inherited properties and intrafamily transfers.

All the Data You Need in One Place

Access more property information and real estate data than ever before.

  •  Property boundary maps
  •  Full MLS listing database access
  •  Detailed property building attribute, ownership, and sales history
  •  Mortgage and deed recordings
  •  Unoccupied homes
  •  Non-owner occupied properties
  •  Foreign and out-of-state owners
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure auction data 
  • Delinquent tax data
  • High rate mortgages
  • Area demographics
  • Interactive maps
  • Aerial photography and FEMA flood zones
  • Properties in tax-advantaged opportunity zones

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