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Mortgage Lenders and Loan Originators

IMAPP’ platform enhances data collection productivity and takes the risk out of transactions

A mortgage lender during a home sale needs certain tax, public record, and permit information to ensure that the property is a viable collateral for the loan and that there are no significant risks associated with the transaction. PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform is your single source for this kind of detail.  The type of public record information that can be found in IMAPP:

  • Ownership history and chain of title: To streamline ensuring clear ownership and proper transfer of the property.
  • Deeds and conveyance documents: Copies of deeds and other legal documents showing ownership transfers.
  • Mortgages and liens: Information about existing mortgages, liens, judgments, or other encumbrances that might affect the property’s value and marketability.

Collecting and reviewing these types of information can be time consuming.  PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides a single source of accurate and timely information that is essential for successfully guiding a transaction from initial contact to closing. It also supplies a detailed view of one property and also a view of the neighborhood and broader surrounding areas to help in the analysis process or help identify potential targets for your next marketing effort.

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