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Title Companies

IMAPP’s Mapping functionality takes the guess work out of collecting property and area Survey Information

A title company plays a crucial role in facilitating the closing process for a home sale. Ensuring that the property’s title is clear and transferable is key to a smooth closing. PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides various tax, public record, and permit information in and easy to search and view property profile.  Here’s a breakdown of the types of survey information that our platform provides to help with the closing on a home sale:

  • Property surveys: Surveys that outline the property’s boundaries, dimensions, and any encroachments.
  • Flood Zones, Inundation levels, & BFEs to help ensure necessary access to flooding data and flood insurance.

Collecting and reviewing these types of information can be time consuming.  PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform is your single source that can identify potential issues that might affect the property’s title and its transferability. Clearing up any discrepancies or resolving outstanding matters is essential for a smooth closing process.

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