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PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides the data with visualization that meets the needs of all Real Estate Industry segments. Learn of the many ways IMAPP can help your business get to the next level.

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Utilize our Industry segment knowledge or application articles to learn how you can use the power of the data found in the IMAPP Platform.

  • PropertyKey launches IMAPP platform in Minnesota

    PropertyKey will launch our next-generation real estate information and visualization tool, IMAPP, in Minnesota. IMAPP enables all industry segments to take client interactions, targeted marketing programs, and business growth to the next level.

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  • Ad Valorem vs. Non-Ad Valorem Taxes

    As you know, researching property prospects involves time, effort, and a keen eye on the market to understand your potential property purchase, which also means learning about subsequent costs to maintain thereafter, especially if you’re interested in gated communities and specific districts.  Ad valorem taxes  Ad valorem is a Latin phrase that means “according to value.” […]

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  • Commercial Real Estate in a Nutshell

    Understanding the basics of commercial real estate is essential in trying to figure out which profession to pursue in the real estate industry as it continually evolves. Knowing the nuances between residential, commercial, and industrial can help with a sense of direction and determining long-term business goals for an individual or organization.  Commercial real estate […]

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Utilize the power of our mapping, visualization, and reporting tools to help maximize your business growth opportunities. Click on the videos to see our product in action.


Learn how to take your prospecting, market knowledge, and property valuation skills to the next level with PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform. Increase your productivity and build your business by attending one of our webinars.

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