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Supercharge your prospecting and Marketing Efforts with PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform.

IMAPP’s robust data and mapping tool provides in-depth property details and reports, that includes properties that have been cited for code violations, have been issued building permits, are available for rent, and have recently sold or listed for sale.

Access to IMAPP’s MLS robust property detail, and exclusive code violation, building permit and rental license data can help take your prospecting and marketing efforts to the next level.

With IMAPP you can:

Identifying Potential Leads: Code violation data can reveal properties that have outstanding issues requiring repair or improvement.

Understanding Market Trends: Building permit data can provide insights into the types of projects being undertaken in specific areas.

Assess Property Conditions: IMAPP’s property details can include information about the age, size, and condition of a property. Contractors can use this information to assess the potential scope of work and prepare more accurate estimates for prospective clients.

Identify Networking Opportunities: Access to building permit data can help contractors identify other professionals involved in a project, such as architects, designers, and subcontractors. This can create networking opportunities and potential collaborations for future projects.

Having access to comprehensive property data allows contractors to approach potential clients with detailed knowledge about their property, demonstrating expertise and building trust. This can give contractors a competitive advantage over those who do not have access to such information.

This data-driven approach can enhance your business prospecting efforts and lead to increased success in securing new contracts. Find and sell more projects with PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform. Sign up for a subscription today.

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