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MLS Board and Associations

MLS’s provide Real Estate Agent Members with PropertyKey’s IMAPP Platform. Members benefit from increased productivity and effectiveness building their prospecting and marketing programs

Many of the MLS’s in Florida, including the three largest provide their members with access to one of the most comprehensive integrated property tax, public record and property listing information in one easy to use platform in the market today.

IMAPP’s comprehensive property research functionality offers several key benefits that can significantly help real estate agents in their daily operations. Helping to greatly enhance prospecting and marketing efforts through several features and tools designed to streamline these processes:


Customizable Data Filters: IMAPP allows agents to apply customizable data filters to search for prospective clients or properties. These filters can include criteria such as location, property type, size, price range, and more, enabling agents to identify specific target audiences and potential leads more effectively​.

Interactive Maps with Parcel Boundaries: The platform offers interactive maps with accurate parcel boundaries, aerial photos, and thematic layers, which help agents visualize and pinpoint areas with high potential for prospecting. This geographic information is crucial for targeting specific neighborhoods or regions that align with the agent’s marketing strategy​​.

Comprehensive Property Profiles: Agents can access detailed property profiles that include ownership details, sales history, building attributes, and more. This information helps agents understand the property landscape better and identify owners who might be looking to sell or buyers looking for specific property types​.

Lead Generation Tools: IMAPP’s integrated tools help agents generate leads by providing contact information and property details in one place. This can include phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses, which are essential for direct marketing campaigns​ (Property Key)​.


Professional Report Generation: IMAPP enables agents to generate professional, comprehensive reports that include market analysis, property valuations, and detailed property histories. These reports can be used in marketing materials to attract and inform potential clients about market trends and property values​​.

Mailing Label Creation and Data Export: The platform provides flexible options for creating mailing labels and exporting data from prospect and research lists. This functionality supports targeted direct mail campaigns and email marketing, allowing agents to reach out to potential clients with personalized marketing materials​.

Market Analysis and Insights: By integrating various data sources, IMAPP helps agents conduct in-depth market analysis, identifying trends and evaluating market conditions. These insights can be leveraged to create compelling marketing messages that highlight the agent’s expertise and the unique advantages of specific properties or neighborhoods​​.

Visualization and Thematic Mapping: The platform’s visualization tools, including thematic maps that display information such as flood zones and foreclosures, can be used to create visually appealing marketing materials. These materials can help potential buyers understand the context and advantages of specific properties​.

Client Education and Guidance: With access to comprehensive property data, agents can provide detailed information to clients, educating them about market conditions, property maintenance, and investment opportunities. Well-informed clients are more likely to trust the agent and engage in transactions, boosting the agent’s marketing effectiveness​ (Property Key)​.

By utilizing these features, real estate agents can enhance their prospecting efforts, generate high-quality leads, and create effective, data-driven marketing campaigns that resonate with potential clients and drive business growth.