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County and City Governments

IMAPP platform’s integrated public tax and property information platform can help County and City offices streamline data gathering and drive productivity increases

PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform can provide numerous benefits to city and county offices by streamlining access to comprehensive and integrated property data and providing reporting and mapping visualization. Here are several ways in which the IMAPP platform can be advantageous:

Centralized Data Source

Integrated Property Data: IMAPP consolidates property assessment data, public records, Geographic Information System (GIS) data, and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) information into a single platform. This centralization allows city and county officials to access all pertinent data from one place, improving efficiency and accuracy in various operations​ (Property Key).

Planning and Development

Zoning and Land Use Analysis: The platform provides 3D mapping visualization and detailed information on zoning and land use, that can be used for urban planning and development projects.

Economic Development: County and City offices can leverage IMAPP’s market analysis tools to understand market health of their own domain as well as surrounding areas. The data can be visually portrayed in 3D Mapping as well as reports. Gain a view into trends in property sales, values, and vacancies, and more.

Public Services and Infrastructure

Emergency Management: IMAPP includes access to FEMA flood maps and other thematic layers, which are critical for emergency management and disaster preparedness. This data can help identify high-risk areas and support development of strategies to mitigate potential impacts from natural disasters​ ​.

Property Valuation and Taxation

Accurate Assessments and Data Layering: IMAPP provides detailed property valuation and tax data in reports and visually with 3D mapping. Multiple layers of data such as delinquent taxes, code violations, building permits, home equity and more can be shown in one map view. Helping departments and planners to be more productive in their data gathering.

Tax Compliance and Collection: The platform helps in tracking property tax records, identifying delinquent accounts, and has the capability to show visually through our 3D Mapping functionality. Comprehensive data aids in ensuring compliance and optimizing tax revenue collection efforts​​.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Processes: The integration of multiple data sources into a single platform reduces the need for manual data compilation and cross-referencing from different systems. This streamlining can save time, reduce errors, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Reporting: IMAPP allows for the generation of detailed and professional reports on various aspects of property and market analysis. These reports can be used for internal decision-making, public presentations, and stakeholder communications​​.

By providing a comprehensive and integrated view of property data, PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform provides the opportunity to enhance the capabilities of city and county offices in a number of areas.

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