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Home Service Contractors

Overall, the combination of public tax, public record, and property information in the IMAPP platform empowers home contractors and service companies with valuable data and insights. It enhances your ability to target potential customers, make informed marketing decisions, reduce efforts to find potential clients, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform is your one place to get instant access to a single view of property profiles that combine public tax records, public information, and detailed property information that includes actual permits, code violations, and more. This can be highly beneficial for home contractors and service companies, in several ways:

  • Lead Generation: The IMAPP Platform provides contractors and service companies with a wealth of information about properties, such as ownership details and contact information, property sales, and historical permitting and violation records. This information can help to identify potential leads, target specific properties or homeowners who may require services and build on successful relationships via geographical targeting.
  • Market Analysis: By accessing real estate listing information, contractors and service companies can gain insights into the real estate market trends, property sales history, and property values in specific areas. They can also track permit and violation activity by competitors and prospective clients. This data, which includes building permits and code violations, can help users understand the potential demand for their services and make informed decisions about pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Property Profiling: The information in the IMAPP platform can help contractors and service companies understand their target audience better. Users can gain insights into property owner history, financial position and history, and maintenance or renovation patterns. This knowledge can help them respond to information requests, assess potential clients and effectively tailor service offers and marketing efforts to specific customer segments.
  • Streamlined Operations: The IMAPP Platform can streamline various operational aspects, such as automating lead generation, providing details to help estimate project costs and improving efficiency and driving productivity.
  • Access to comprehensive property information can give an edge. IMAPP can show areas where service needs are in high demand and offer unique value propositions based on the specific needs of homeowners in different locations.

IMAPP is your single source for finding new customers and growing your business.

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