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MLS Boards and Associations

Today PropertyKey works with many Boards and Associations, serving over 140,000 of their members through their use of the IMAPP platform. Members generate millions of page views with their searches, download tens of thousands of reports, and millions of contacts and addresses for marketing programs and mailing labels. Learn how we can help your members benefit from including the IMAPP platform in your suite of tools.

PropertyKey’s IMAPP platform offers the most accurate and current information, with interactive mapping, customized for your MLS Board or Association members, and seamlessly integrated with your other tools. Data is collected from multiple sources in many formats, scrubbed, validated for accuracy, standardized, integrated, and presented in one platform according to your specific local needs. Eliminating redundancy of multiple searches to find correct information and rework. Creating a one-stop shop of integrated Tax, public record, and property listing information that drives increased productivity and operational efficiency.  Members get access to the following:

  • Unmatched tax, delinquency, Permit, Code Violation, Rental, etc. data sets
  • Property valuation analytics, CMA
  • Exclusive map-based visualization and Geocode details
  • Fast and powerful search interface for customized data research
  • Full property reports or record downloading
  • Full contact information, target marketing lists, and mailing labels downloading
  • Excel file format downloading for ease-of-use and 3rd party integration
  • Auto-populate best-in-class property data into your real estate listing information system for more accurate data throughout your real estate listing information ecosystem.
  • Enterprise or individual license programs