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Real Estate Agents elevate their prospecting and data collection productivity with the IMAPP Platform

Increase productivity and elevate your data collection with the recently upgraded IMAPP platform.  IMAPP consolidates public tax and real estate property information into one single easy to use platform and is designed for real estate professionals, helping to save time, make informed decisions, and enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.

IMAPP’s comprehensive property research functionality offers several key benefits that can significantly help real estate agents in their daily operations such as:

Detailed Property Information: IMAPP provides access to a wealth of property details, including tax data, ownership records, sales history, building attributes, and more (over 26 million property records). This enables agents to have a complete and accurate view of a property, which is crucial for evaluating its potential and advising clients appropriately​.

Efficient Due Diligence: By consolidating information from multiple sources, IMAPP simplifies the due diligence process. Agents can quickly verify property details such as permit history, code violations, liens, and other public records. This helps in identifying potential issues early and ensures smoother transactions​.

Market Analysis and Insights: IMAPP integrates various data sources to facilitate comprehensive market analysis. Agents can identify trends, track property sales, and assess market conditions more effectively. This helps in providing clients with informed advice on pricing strategies, investment opportunities, and market risks​​.

Accurate Property Valuation: The platform allows agents to compare properties and analyze market transactions to determine accurate property valuations. This helps in setting realistic pricing for listings and providing buyers with credible advice on purchase decisions​ (Property Key)​​ (Property Key)​.

Interactive Mapping Tools: IMAPP’s interactive maps include parcel boundaries, aerial photos, and thematic layers such as FEMA flood maps. These visual tools help agents understand the spatial context of properties and identify factors that may affect property values and investment potential​.

Client Education and Guidance: The comprehensive data provided by IMAPP enables agents to educate their clients about various aspects of a property, including its maintenance costs, tax implications, and potential legal or financial concerns. This builds trust with clients and helps them make informed decisions​​.

Targeted Property Search: IMAPP allows for highly customizable property searches based on specific criteria such as location, property type, size, and price range. This helps agents find properties that best meet their clients’ needs and preferences​​.

By leveraging IMAPP’s comprehensive property research functionality, real estate agents can enhance their market expertise, improve efficiency, and provide better service to their clients, ultimately leading to more successful transactions and increased client satisfaction.

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